The Clarity From The Conflict

  Have you ever watched someone go through something and just become so thankful that you were on the outside and not on the actual stage? It happens to all of us for sure, and the lesson is usually a very big one. I am sure that no one wants to see anyone particularly hurt, it's just that we really need to see it happening to someone else at times to truly get our attention.

   If you have ever seen a person getting a ticket for something that they knew they should not have done, the change in attitude is almost instantaneous. I was inside of a restaurant and I watched a man come in after parking right in the front of this place. I noticed that he was the only car there, and then I realized that the sign said that there was no standing or parking at any time. I am guessing in NYC that the ticket was for about $185 if I know my city the way that I think I do. This was not looking good for him.

   He bolted out of the restaurant when he saw the cop and he pleaded with him. Unfortunately, this guy had skin so thick that he didn't even seem as though he could hear the guy as he electronically prepared his ticket for him. I watched his demeanor and body language and I was sure that he was going to blow a gasket. Then I thought to myself, that the angrier he gets, the more of a waste it is. This man was giving this ticket out for sure. I even saw the man who received the ticket screaming through his car window at the cop who was parked right next to him. The aggression was real and very palpable. This guy was piping hot for getting this ticket.

   The teachable moment here was that even sitting in a no standing or parking zone for 3 minutes is very dangerous. I have seen it so many times. Secondly, the anger that this guy displayed could have quite possibly landed him into the hospital in the near future. It was brutal. The officer stayed as cool as two ice cubes in a frozen daiquiri. I was so impressed with his way or just surpressing any anger that he felt in that moment.

    This situation has crossed my eyes several times here in NYC. I am happy to say that I have never had a ticket for standing or parking illegally. I have about 5 little situations in my head that keep me in check in a major way. If you can gain any clarity from a bad situation. please do. You do not need to learn the lesson yourself. Just pay attention to others and you will have a PHD in crashing into walls in life. Of course, you were carefully selected to show many others what not to do as well. We all get a shot at getting up to bat.

     On a lighter note, I gave a homeless woman a $10 dollar bill today with some sandwiches and it was so gratifying that I cannot even describe it. If you have it, give. If you barely have it ,give what you can, and if you don't have it at all, give of yourself on a non financial or spiritual level. The unfortunate thing is that those who need you won't always reach out for you. Maay of them are waiting for you to reach out to them. Imagine that.  The Z monster is coming to get me.

                                                                                                                Peace. Chase


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