That One Thing

 I love to hear others swimming around in their happy state. It's that moment when something happens to a person that you love, care for, or respect, and they let you in to share it with them. It can be everything from getting a new car to getting a promotion and everything in between. We are supposed to celebrate each others successes in my book. When we do this, I can honestly say that it gives us more of a suit of armor to deal with the world and all that is unexpected that creeps up on us. If we celebrate others, we celebrate the potential within us simultaneously.

  Tonight I received a call from a person that I highly respect. His spirit and happiness dripped through the phone line instantly. He asked me to guess who came to his presentation tonight that completely floored him? I answered a celebrity at first, but then I realized that it was so obvious who arrived there tonight. The person who showed up was his wife. She had not come to one of his presentations in over 7 years, and it made his heart soar almost instantly.

  When we show up for the good of another human being, a connection is made that can never be compared to any other feeling. Showing up is half the battle as it is often most said. The sound of his voice was so happy and content from the inside out that I did not want the call to end. His excitement was the polar opposite of where he was just a short week ago. He felt that he was losing his marriage or could possibly lose it in the near future. However, after she just made this appearance to the presentation. Her stock rose by a few million.

    That one thing. That one thing that you say, do, or even just feel, could be the thing that changes it all. He described how good it felt for her to be there and how energized he felt all of a sudden. So can something or someone from the outside completely change you? That has an obvious answer, but when you actually see it happen, it's magical. My good friend has been having major problems in his marriage and he had even been silencing himself from me. Those days are over and we got back on track today. So the message here is to do that one thing that helps others. You could be just listening for that matter, just show up and do that. That one thing will make a difference.



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