Overheard About You

  It has been spoken about for quite some time. The topic of people being critical of you. Whatever you say or do or even insinuate, will be criticized by some one at some time. I am in the business of show and I have no doubt picked the profession that seems to have the most critics in the entire world. There is not a time or place that some entertainer is not being spoken about behind closed doors. Actually, they are being spoken about period. A door has never been a safe barrier to safeguard against any hurt of ridicule.

   Now being spoken about by someone is quite different than actually hearing someone speak about you. If you have ever had the experience, it could possibly be very damaging. I believe that we all crave at least a small amount of acceptance from our peers. The downside is that we certainly do not always get it and for the most part no one owes us anything at all. If you are waiting for each and every person that is connected to you to sign off on your choices in life, you are writing a recipe for distruction.

    In the past few years, I have heard many of my musical peers being spoken about continuously. To be very transparent, may of them had planted the seeds that reaped the harvest. I think you get my drift. The rest of those who were being spoken about were usually being spoken about by those who seemed somewhat jealous of that person in some way or another. I always pay attention to the inflections and the body language. What a big story they tell. At the end of the day though, it all comes back around if they are not mindful.

    In closing, those that seem to talk the most, seem to have the most issues with themselves. I have learned this slowly over time. Those that I work closely with that do not have gripes about almost anyone, are generally the happiest people. So what do you care if people talk about you? Most of the time, you do not even know it. These thing happen when you cannot hear them. But I do know one thing for certain. If you believe what people say, then you have to give permission for your mind to become that too. That is like saying that you will allow strangers to feed you any food that they see fit and that they have to spoon feed it to you as well. So let them talk. It's a bit tricky to keep talking and be in action most of the time too. Negative chatter slows the whole process down second by second. Try speaking only highly of those who are worthy and not at all about those who could care less if they are worthy or not. Take it all in stride.



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