HIgh End Integrity / Your Packages Sir

   It is no secret that we all love to be treated like gold. When it happens, we never want it to end. The reason is usually not of grand importance, we just feel it when it's genuine. I feel comfortable writing that we all have had this experience at least a few times in our journey. I have two short stories that I feel just need to be told. The first is about a pen of all things. My father gave me a high end pen that he had not used in a while and I held on to it for quite some time without filling it with the premium ink that it deserved. Then when I finally got around to it, the pen exploded and destroyed some clothing that I was wearing at the time. All that I can say is that I was not ecstatic about this at all. However, I got past it quickly and moved on.

    Some time later, maybe a few years to be exact, I took action again. I took the pen out of hiding. The inside of it was still holding pen residue and when I picked it up and opened it, I actually got ink on my hands after all of that time. I vowed to get it cleaned and fixed properly by sending it back to the people who made it and letting them do their magic. I did the proper research and found their number. A very pleasant woman answered and told me to give her my email so that she could send me a mailing label so that I could send them the pen. I did as she told me and today I received a pen that left me speechless. It glistens and writes with very little effort. I have specifically not said the nae of the pen, because it really does not make a difference. The point of my story is that this company makes fine writing utensils for the entire world. They are based in Paris. The integrity of this company is so high that without a receipt, date of purchase, or anything, they were willing to bring this pen back to it's original level. It came with a box that made their dedication abundantly clear, and I am once again clear about why people buy quality things over cheap and everyday mediocre things. When you spend more, they generally care more. They are committed to your happiness. They want to make sure that you are raving about them to everyone that can hear your voice.

     I was in the post office today just checking my PO box. The line was about 20 people deep and I breathed a sigh of relief that I was only there to check my box and leave. But then I realized that I had a yellow slip in my box that said I had a couple of packages. I entered the line and remained patient. I thought that I would hold the yellow sheet on the top of the mail that I had just received and that maybe a postal worker would see it as they walked by and extract me from the line in order to just pick up my package. Within what seemed like seconds, a woman appeared out of nowhere with my packages. She even called me by my name! This blew me away. I left the long line and walked away after thanking her. Then something told me to go back and thank her again. I waited for her to reappear, and I thanked her again. I also asked her how she knew my name and to get my mail? She told me that she remembered me from the last time and that she knew my name because it was a bit out of the norm. That made me feel so special even for that one moment in time. She did not have to do that, but she did.

    So there it is. Going the extra mile opens up another ventricle in our hearts in my opinion. I love to celebrate those who do it so consistently and with so much grace. Learning this skill has been and will always be the spice of life. You know how spices live in racks? Well, it's the perfect time to fill up those racks my good people. I think that you can smell what I am cooking. Overflowing peace and clarity to you all.



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