He Sang A Dead Song / Cutting Corners

  When you are traveling on a NYC subway, anything can happen. People will sing, dance, recite poems, give out free information, ask for food, give food, throw up, or any other number of things that will mostly likely catch you off guard if you are not a New Yorker. I have to admit, today was a day that I "was" surprised by what took place on the train. I heard it with my own two ears and it was full of happiness and release.

   As I rode on the train today, I heard the conductor singing a popular Grateful Dead song that made the ride so much more interesting. I was in the front of the train and he was singing so loud that I could hear him quite clearly. The door to the main conductor was about 5 feet from me. All that I could hear was a happy man singing at the top of his lungs. I believe that this was the first time that I had actually heard the driver of a NYC train just singing at the top of his voice. It was magical, freeing, moving, and most of all very contagious.

   This singing man that I speak of had no idea that just about half of the train car had been listening to his rendition of this Grateful Dead. The power of a song is real. He was so happy and so into it that I was convinced that he was open, honest, and free in his spare time. This man used his time underground and in the dark to sing songs and to just be in a great place. I listened for at least 6 stops, and then I had to get off. His music leaked into my ears and made my ride easier. It was the gift that he did not know he was giving. It was much appreciated and I will never forget it.

     In short, we have all had a temptation with cutting a corner here or there. It generally is a mistake on countless levels. The truth is though, it happens. In this case, the thing that was forgotten was in a sense pushed in front of others and we all went down while the ship sank. This is all written in cryptic form so as to not hurt anyone who happens to read this. The bottom line is that the leader dropped the ball and then looked to everyone to fix it for them. When there was time to prepare and to get it right. I smiled and I did what I had to do in that minute. There was no pouting, complaining, or even talk about it after it was done. When you habitually cut corners, you lose the shape and vibrancy of what could have been very pleasing to the soul. The mediocre minds that really do not care how things turn out in the end, will not be a part of the forward motion brigade.




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