Tiny Interactions With Big Meaning

 Today was a day of magical conversations. I call them magical because each one of them left me grateful in a different way. I just left each one thinking and smiling from the inside. I do not take any conversations for granted and most often, I hear things that I do not even relay to the person who says them. I process the conversation and then maybe at another time, I let them know what it meant to me. In the moment, many times its too fresh and too soon.

  One conversation was with a friend that I have known for many years. Our friendship has endured many storms, mostly ones that were not between us directly. They involved things that we went through singularly, but shared and got through as a unit. Today I spoke with him, he told me that something I had said many years before had helped him through a crisis recently. I was beside myself with grateful energy. I was humbled and I could hear the sincerity in his voice. He thought he was calling to tell me a story and to let me know that I had affected him. However, in the end, he inspired me and I hung up filled with emotion.

   Another conversation today was between a fellow artist and I. He and I perform in the same circles and had not seen each other in quite some time. His birthday was a couple of days ago and I called him to wish him a happy belated. He was happy to hear from me and it was a pleasure to hear from him as well. We spoke about the business and those who works within its walls. The reason that the call was so special was because his integrity level was so refreshing and he spoke with me as if we has just spoken yesterday. We had not spoken in almost a year. He left me with some serious gems to ponder and we both agreed that we need to meet for lunch soon.

   I sat across from a friend today as well that just had a few moments to speak and take a break from a task that they were completing. In my humble opinion, if you have 2 people in your life that will take the time to have a face to face with you and just catch up while being present and not checking their phone or doing three other things, you are fortunate. We spoke about family and love, marriage, and music as well. It was a compact conversation that packed a powerful spiritual punch. I've come to realize that the statement, "People make time for what's important to them," is quite real and right on the money. The connection that I felt was truly authentic.

    A phone call that I had today that spanned many topics was also moving and full of magic marrow. I felt a certain amount of space in the call that I am sure was rooted in a bunch of inner thoughts that may or may not have been fully expressed. I do believe that we are sensitive to many things that may or may not come out of our mouths as we speak with certain people. However, just to hear their happiness as it relates to their life and how it is going well and creating new ground is so fulfilling. There are so many things that we release energetically without even speaking. I live for those moments.

    Lastly, yesterday I had a conversation about being stuck with too many tools, and not knowing which ones to use. It came from a friend that is wildly creative and very much on the same spiritual level as myself. I just feel very similar to this awesome guy. He called with such humbleness in his voice. He told me that he thought that he could be open and honest with me and that he would appreciate my opinion. This made me feel really good. Once again, humans who take that step to reach outside of themselves to get another perspective or to ask for guidance or even just to be heard, usually wind up in good hands. If we could all lift ourselves up whenever we hit a wall, then why would we even need each other. I feel that we can lift ourselves up, yet when others are there to inspire, reiterate, or reaffirm some of our thoughts, its beyond explanation how it fills the souls with happiness.

    Interacting more will change you and the people and things around you. I dare you to test that theory and not find some gems along the way. Next frame.....



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