The Voices Of Our Friends

  In times that are less than favorable, we can always tell who are the people that really care for us beyond a shadow of a doubt. It's the questions that they ask. It's that way that they call or show up unannounced and just make their presence known. It's their overwhelming way of just keeping it highly authentic. None of our challenges are any different than other people, we just think that what we are going through is unique. I guarantee you that if everyone were required to voice all of their struggles, it would be very eye opening.

   Those who we place on a pedestal in our lives know us. They can hear it after you first sentence and then they just go in. It's so funny because most times we swear that we are hiding it. We think that we can act our way out of being found out. It does not work like this at all. What I also find is that when we are having a difficult time, it's our friends that normally do not have enough faith for themselves, that will muster up strength for us. I love that little fact.

    Our friends see us in a very particular way. They usually let us know that they are there for us and that it will all work out. I have even been told that I am much stronger than a given situation, which made me push past it. We have built up all of this equity with those who are close to us that they stand their ground when they need to be there for us. This is beyond comforting.

     In closing, there are some people who you think are right there for you and they are not, That is fine actually. You see the love that only shows up temporarily is not a real love nor is it a real friendship. It's the consistency and raw compassion that keeps it all going. Can you think of someone that you love that just vanished? No calls, no emails, no explanation at all? If you have ever experienced that, it feels a bit strange. However, in the end, the voices that stay next to you and will get into the trenches with you are the ones that will always warm your heart. Our most precious friends have their own parking spot in front of our heart. I sure do appreciate and love mine. We all have issues in life, but we do not all have the voices of our true friends to keep us moving. We are all right where we are supposed to be. Enjoy it and embrace it.



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