The Things That You Require To Achieve Happiness

  I have watched and watched and watched my mind as it jumps for joy and as it retreats in ridicule of itself. I have watched others and what they seem to require as well. Obviously, the latter is just for sport because we are all wired so very differently. I would not want to mirror any one person's thought or actions for any length of time in this lifetime. I thrive on my unique viewpoint. It's not unique because I am so wonderful, it's unique because I am human and there is not even one other person on earth that thinks exactly like me. I am humbled by this.

    So when I speak of things, I am speaking of actual, tangible things. In the past few days I have been undergoing a massive cleanse on so many levels. But first and foremost, I have been getting rid of things that I have had in my life for over 10 years in some cases. Why is this important you ask? It's important because I am thoroughly convinced that many of the things that I have held onto have in some way held me back from experiencing a full spectrum of newness. I have of course had some amazing times, and I will continue to for sure, but I mean I believe that there has been this other place that has remained in a holding pattern. This is not an " I need more" rant. This is an I have been blocking some of what's doing it's best to get to me.

    These sentiments arise based on the feelings that I have been experiencing while going through many things in my home. These people, places, and things, are in the distance behind me, yet somehow, they stir up emotions. I found some pictures of myself that were taken when I was about 22. They seemed to be very concentrated on the physicality, yet I don't actually remember being that overly concerned about that back then. But then again, I loved to be dressed well and to be comfortable. I have been this way since junior high school I believe.

     So what do I require to be happy? Clean food, nice environment, positive people, the ability to take pictures wherever I go, soothing music, books close by to read as well as any of my favorite Indian oils. I require the feeling of challenging myself, the chance to affect another human being. I require lots of drinking water, going out to see live music, biking on a consistent basis, and being able to speak with my parents whenever I choose to. That's not too much to ask is it? What do you require? What keeps you balanced? If you had to shave down your life to 50 things, could you do it? Think about it. Life is always changing and so are we.I am feeling a sense of challenge right now,
however, I am happy deep down inside because like a snake, I am about to shed my old skin in exchange for a shiny new coat. Thank you for being here. I am pulling for you..



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