The Art Of Shedding The Tangible / Situational Therapy

    I have been in a tunnel for about four days. I have mentioned the room that I was cleaning out and it has been completely cleared out of all of its contents. In this room were things that were a part of me so to speak. There were things of value and things that would be of no value to most people for sure. There were memories of loved ones that made a difference to me during the time that we were in the same geographical zone. There were many tangible items that had enormous potential that I never got to push forward. There were also things that I had completely forgotten about. As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. In general, things that are not in motion, usually tend to stay that way. This is something that I wholeheartedly believe without a doubt.

     As I went through all of my things, I came to many epiphanies. I am a total bibliophile to say the very least. I have books from almost twenty years ago. They still feed me and make my life glow on so many levels. I also have years worth of magazines. My intention was to cut out what I loved from each one and then throw the rest away. Unfortunately, I just kept all of them. As of today, I have 10% of them. I released all of the rest and let them go on their way. The significance of this is that I did not keep my original promise to myself. Some may say they were just magazines, but they told another story as well. When we are infiltrated with extra things, we cannot grow properly, nor can we comfortably receive at the right times. This is real talk from my perspective.   

    In the midst of all of this purging, I also took things outside and let any random passerby take many things that were once of tremendous value to me. Most of them approached the things with a very strong apprehension. They could not believe that all of this stuff was free. One man even asked me why was I not selling these things? I told him that it feels good to just give it away. One woman even asked me how much something was after I told her that it was free. She piked up and old classic sewing machine that needed some work and she loved it. I told her exactly where she could go to get it back to working condition. She was elated and I was glowing inside because of it.

     I also had a bit of an emotional ride during all of this. Things that I previously could not imagine living without, had almost immediately provided me with some recognizable head and heart space that previously gone undetected. It is simple to understand really. You will run faster without a backpack full of bricks connected to you, than you will with them strapped to your back. I think you get my drift. The bottom line is that we can all survive with less on every level. It is so incredibly powerful. I have shed a few layers of my soul in the past week.

     When you think of certain situations, do they provide you with the therapy that you need or do they make you frustrated and wish that they never happened? Do you believe that a given situation can make you see the world differently or maybe perhaps even love the rude and seemingly unfeeling individuals even more? I am certain that those who come from a place of love are not even capable of treating others unjustly. I had a situation recently that made me want to strike back in a vehemently fashion. I chose not too in the end, however it presented itself in a few other ways. There were moments of quiet, moments of tears, moments of confusion, and even moments of being free from the stress of it all. We are all going to get burned and scraped and sometimes by those that we would least expect, however, that does not mean that we should run amok and retaliate. Most times those people have already reached their final mental destination. Whereas the others like you and I are still on the path and willing to make better decisions in order to become better people. I am certain of this. Thank you for being here.




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