Parameters, Repercussions, And The Respect Of Them

    I have been a bit quiet as I marinate, contemplate, and overall negotiate my mind through some challenges of late. That was such and epic rhyme that I truly did not mean to give birth to. I have many things on my mind and I had hit a wall of confusion as it relates to writing about it. I am slowly returning back to myself and taking in some very important lessons in life. What a ride this thing we call living is. I am on the right path though. Do you know how I know? Because all of life is an ebb and flow. Even the people who seem to never hit a wall or be overwhelmed, are dealing with many things that they are probably hiding and not making public.

    Today I have a topic on my mind that deals with integrity. Doing things when you say that you will and owning it if you do not. I have very high integrity and have broken it from time to time. However, my wins have been much greater than my losses when it comes to this 9 letter sugary, yet bitter sweet word. I was tested today as it relates to another persons integrity and I kept it together. I did not blatantly express my displeasure in an irate fashion or anything that even slightly resembled it. I took it in and examined my disappointment from the inside out.

    I am the kind of person that will figure out how I can make it comfortable for the other person before I make it comfortable for myself. Actually, I should say that I "used to be" fully committed to that personality. Then I realized that it's not my job to look out for everyone. It's my job to have integrity, listen to others with an attentive ear and spirit, and to allow nothing but the best of emotion, foods, and souls into my heart, mind, and body. This mantra, or way of life, is a very challenging one to maintain. Imagine that. You decide on a way to live and to be received and then you realize that it's not your responsibility to be received. You can only decide, who you are, how you carry yourself, and of course how much of the noise you can actually allow to penetrate your cranium.

    We had an agreement. I would provide my services to this person for a year and then when this time elapsed I would be paid the full amount. I asked for nothing up front and I agreed to them giving me any amount at any time within the year, as long as they closed the gap between the balance before the year ended. I gave them enough rope to create a swing to swing on it, and that is precisely what they did after all. I accepted it because I allowed it from the beginning. Now as I look back, very quickly, I realize that I was in control the entire time, even though I watched this happen with my eyes open.

    When we put a plan into motion, we are the person to set the parameters, repercussions, and how it will be respected. Correction, we decide how we would "like" to be respected as time moves forward. The problem is that more times than not, we do not fully complete the last part of the equation. Have you ever noticed that the people who are really specific and direct in their delivery of their parameters are most often the ones that seem to have a certain level of respect surrounding them wherever they go? I know that was a long sentence, but go ahead and read it again, I wrote it exactly the way that it showed up in my brain. In other words, even if they have haters feasting on them, there are no blurred lines. You either sign up for a ride on their roller coaster or you do not. The choice is a cut and dry one.

     I believe that there is a lesson in every interaction, no matter what the subject is or who is learning from it. I have taken responsibility for what I was confronted with fully. If you just tell someone to jump without telling them what will happen if they don't, then you are leaving the doors open for them to do as they please. I am a firm believer in compassion, forgiveness, and even giving someone the benefit of the doubt. However, in the end, you have to answer to yourself. Are you happy with the outcome? Did it play out the way that you envisioned it? Does your gut tell you that you were direct in your delivery on the road to your destination or negotiation? Lastly, are you projecting your worth out into the world or are you shrinking down to an image that will allow you to squeeze through the porthole of mediocrity? There are repercussions to living inside the parameters of mediocrity and not being properly respected. My Me 2.0 has just stood up and spread its wings. I am planning a trip to the next level. Would you like to join me? I am suddenly in a new head space. Always sending you volumes of colossal energy....



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