One Song / Feng Shui Part 2

    I had to drop off a set of keys to a great friend and highly consummate musician this evening. He does an open mic night in a hip and happening club on the upper west side of Manhattan. I love being in a club where there is live music. The smell of the different perfumes, body oils, and culinary fare is so stimulating to my brain. It's exciting to be in a room where all of the instruments are being played and the energy is so mellow and easy as well.

    As I said, I was merely there to drop off some keys. But then my good friend asked me to do a song. I declined at first, but then my other friend who was also plays there asked me as well. I was humbled to say the least. These two are brilliant musicians. I love what they do. One is a guitarist,one is a bass player. Their talents are colossal. I can never properly describe how good it feels to interface with excellent musicians. It's what elevates me from the inside.

      I called an artist that I loved out to the guitar player and he suggested that we do the song in 6. For all of you non musicians, that is like saying let's all speak slowly and really listen to every word that comes out of our mouths one by one. That time signature allows you to marinate in the groove a little bit. It grabs the attention of the listener in a completely different way. I switched the form, I repeated the choruses, I made it my own. I wanted the audience to feel like they were under a cashmere blanket with a cup of warm tea in their hands.

        This experience lasted about 5 minutes. The people were warm and receiving. They showed me love in a very genuine way and they smiled as well. I thanked the band and I exited the venue. As I walked away, my body tingled inside. I still love my craft. After all these years, I still get that special feeling. I get to walk into a room, share one of my gifts, and then exit the room. Who knows who I affected? Who knows who might have needed what I delivered? That is the kind of exchange that ignites me.

          I am still cleaning that special room. Today was humbling yet again. I uncovered more things that brought me back to a different time in my life, just 8 or so short years ago. I found some negatives of some gorgeous things that I shot and it warmed me. There were even some amazing craft materials that got me very excited as well. I just could not believe how much stuff  was piled into that room. I planned to do so much with it all and I overloaded myself. Well now that the clutter is 60 percent gone, all that is left is the diamonds and pearls that I will do magical things with in the near future. Surely it's about the quality not the quantity. Stride with passion.....



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