Marinating In Possibility

   I speak to so many people who are so loyal to a non possible reality. In other words, those who outright tell you emphatically that things are not possible. That will never happen, this won't work out, that will never be me. Just for clarity upfront, I have a few moments here and there when the impossibility monster has its way with me as well. It's just that I am actually more concerned with it staying far from me than I am of welcoming it in to my world.
    Today I had a conversation with a woman that I have known for twenty years or so. She does not live in this country. I have not seen her in at least 5 years. Her position was that she has only been in love with two men and they both got away from her. She is now certain that she will be alone forever. In her own words,"It is impossible for me to find and be with my dream man at this point." I went in on her and told her that she was strengthening her flow to not have a man perfectly. I begged her to stay open and just allow it all to move into place.

     I mean well when I dispense my brand of possibility flow goodness. I am not a perfectionist at this. I just know that it works in ways that are just fascinatingly accurate and real. Each and every time that I properly marinate in possibility, something surfaces and it changes the course of my issue or difficulty or confusion. When I don't believe something can work out, it usually doesn't. This is just me. I do not own the rights to this way of thinking.

      So this is a bit of a hit and run posting. Right before I started writing this, I made a call to a friend that offered me a huge possibility. So I struck while the iron was hot and jotted this down. My mind is open to the possibilities and it's not a joke at all. As I rite this, I am drifting into sleep. I will continue this tomorrow. Actually, it is already tomorrow!!!! I did it! I made it on this ever changing and wildly challenging life. I will retire from this posting now. More to come. Happy birthday to me. I am grateful, powerful, ever curious, and one full year wiser. I stand for you in the face of what's possible and what's best for you in every way. Be the best you that you have ever been..


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