Learning Languages / As They Work At Holding On

 I listened to a podcast today from one of my absolute favorite guys of all time. His name is Timothy Ferris and he is always taking it to the next level. The podcast was a conversation with a man named Luis Von Ahn from Guatemala. In short, he started an app and I believe a site as well called Duolingo. He also invented CAPTCHA. If you are not familiar with that, its the thing that makes you type in that group of words or symbols to make sure that you are not a robot. This makes it harder for people to buy to many tickets for concerts and so forth and so on. We have all been tripped up by that at least once. Anyhow, Duolingo was started to give people a free way to learn languages. I thought that this was phenomenal. Of course it always is when one person does something that will lift up many in the future. He was explaining how in most of Europe, learning more languages is almost directly related to getting out of poverty. He also said that the majority of them are trying to learn English. That struck me as so incredible and made me feel so proud to have been born American. The other fact that was amazing to me was that there are more people in China learning English than all of the native English speakers combined. There are 400 million people learning English in China. Check this guy's story out. He is one man that created something that has given millions of people access. That is magic for sure.
   So have you ever had a friend that was going through a rough time with his or her spouse? You are on the outside of course, and generally you are only hearing one side of the story. But from time to time you may even get a sliver of the other half's story. All in all though, you know that you are not able to interject and make anything happen, but you just want it to all be good. It's always clear to the spectators what should be done right? Well, let's call it what it is. We are just in the stands as the game is being played, so we do not get a voice. As they work at holding on to what they have been working at keeping together, you are watching from the outside and you can see that at least one side is just not owning up to their side of the issue. I have learned over time that when there is a problem in a relationship, both sides have to first put down their rifles and look each other in the eye to get to the bottom of the issue. Shooting first and asking questions later only works when you are playing cops and robbers. The person that I speak to quite frequently, says that the other half is just not stepping up to the plate the right way. I feel for them because, I know that they really love each other. The issue is that the time to have spoken about this when it was fresh has passed. Therefore, the ego has risen. As they work at holding on, I will continue to show up for my good friend, however, until my good friend decides that it's time to push the reset button and save the ship, I am positive that the waters ahead will continue to be turbulent. Again, it's so easy to write that from the outside looking in. I can definitely own that truth. Please take a moment and send them a silent transfer of rejuvenating energy. They could really use it right now. Thank you for being here.



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