Is Life Short?

  I had a verbal joust with a very good friend today. He was explaining to me that life is short and why. We went back and forth in a very friendly way and I challenged him a little bit by saying that if life is short, then how many years has he been on the earth? We went forward and backwards on some points and we agreed that we both understood the concept of not knowing how long we would be here. That is the truth for sure. The thing is though, it seems that we say that things are short in time or even in distance that we can fully track. If you know a movie is only 30 minutes long, then you can say that it is short. If you know that you are only going to be in the sauna for 10 minutes and then you are going to leave, then you can say that it will be a short sauna. I think that you feel me.

   So we hear about people dying young all of the time. However, in your opinion, what is dying young? Is it 14? 23? 56? Or maybe even 89? This is different from person to person. If a person has lived for 78 years and they pass away in their sleep, did they have a short life? I have heard this statement so much over time that it seems that people just say it to say it. How many experiences have you tried in your entire life just because life is short? Yes, anyone of us could be in our last go around on any day of the week. None of us know when or how our curtain call will take place. Yet and still, that phrase is sort of a false one size fits all as it relates to the actual duration of life.

    I think of times when I have heard this statement released by different people. It may be at a dinner table when something is being served that is less than favorable. There usually is a person that says that life is short as they sell you on tasting that dish that does not seem fit for humans. Then there is the person who tells you to ask that girl or that boy out and reminds you how short life is as well. The most serious of them all to me, is when someone lets you know that if you have not done all of the thing that you really want to do, get it going and make sure that you do it all because life is short. I prefer to put what you want to do in front of the actual statement. I feel that if you say that life is short, it kind of puts pressure or a deadline of sorts on your dreams and goals. I have heard many times though, that a goal without a deadline is just a wish. Although, many people have reached their goals even after resetting them over and over again.

     In closing, hey life may be short for some people. That is obvious because they are no longer here. But for us, we are still here and we can still do many things. So I prefer to say that life "can" be short if you do not do what you really want to do. Why do I say can? Because most people lose their liveliness way before they die. So it can be said that true "life" in a human being is short. They lose it and then they have to live the rest of their lives lifeless and just meandering. Think about it.



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