In Service To Many

  Today was a day for others. It was not because of a holiday or a special thing happening, or anything like that. It was just necessary for me to direct my mind in another direction so that I could be calmer and more at ease. Life has a way of throwing many challenges in your direction at the same time as you are evolving to the next level. I believe this with all of my heart and soul. It's when the pieces seem to be falling apart a little bit here and there that we are just getting a nudge from the universe that we will soon be skipping down a different path.

   I spent the morning purging a few things and feeling so very cleansed and relaxed about letting them go. Tangible items can tell us so much about who we are and who we have been in the past. I picked up a few things today that just have not pushed me forward nor stretched me at all. I asked myself why I was holding on to them and then I just let them go. I am blessed with so many things that have a story or hold a certain emotion from a particular part of my life. As I mature, I realize that I need very little to be happy. I guess the real indicator of happiness is to be happy with or without in any situation.

    If you have not noticed thus far, I love children. Today I spent about 2 hours with a 9 year young boy that I teach guitar and piano. We are very close. He teaches me and I give as much to him as I possibly can. We spent time doing homework and eating a little bit. I asked him a question that I was curious to know the answer to. I asked him what is he most afraid of in this life? his answer was getting punished. I thought that was an interesting answer just because I know him and would think that he would have given a different answer. So I told him that he should just do what his mother tells him and then he won't get punished. He kind of brushed me off and moved on. Our time together was very rewarding. I love it each and every time. It's humbling and rich.

     After dropping him off. I went to help a very good friend move from one apartment to another. It is said that a true friend will pick you up from the airport or help you move at any time. I have always loved that expression for some reason. Anyhow, the place was so nice that she was leaving. I was secretly wondering what it would have been like to live there myself. There were two levels and I just loved the open space. There was such a high spirited vibe in this place. I must have lifted 35 bags that were all placed outside on the curb. She cleansed her things down to the bone. As I watched her just place things into so many bags, I thought about all of the things that I could get rid of as well.

      I loved helping her and her mother. It was just good to be there for them. Now she is in a new place and she has to unpack and once again create a space of calm and light so that she can live her life as comfortably as she possibly can. To be very clear, these people have been there for me in many ways for years. That feeling of making a difference in an other's life is just the top of the world. I am so tired right now, so I am going to close. Thank you for always being here. It is such a kind gesture and I appreciate you. Be well..


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