Hadiiya / We Both Showed Up

  In our amazing world of technology, we have access to many people. They are not hidden at all. We have most of their personal information right in front of us in places like Facebook and Instagram. I sometimes peruse Instagram or Pinterest and just click on anything or anyone that grabs my attention. One day I came across a woman that was extremely colorful and vibrant and just bubbling with so much creativity. She was in different places in her postings and she seemed to always be making other people look good, twirling around in a circle with a hula hoop, or lying on a beach in some exotic location. She seemed to be a specialist as it relates to hair and beauty and she called her hair creations "crowns".

   I loved how this woman showed up on the page. She was inspiring and open and free. It was nothing for her to post pictures of her significant other or any one of her wildly talented children either on any day of the week. I certainly have a strong respect for people who live their lives with such fervor and abandon. I wanted to know more about her and to just glean from her awesome posture and presence. As I have seen many times over in the past 5 years particularly, if I want to be in the presence of someone and focus on it hard enough, it happens each and every time. This is something that used to perplex me, and now I expect it to happen all of the time in the most spiritual and non egotistical way.

    As I walked from lower Manhattan and just took in some of the sights and sounds of this incredible city, I noticed a woman who had a head of hair that could stop a parade. Her outfit flowed in time with everything that moved around it on the street. She had a gate that screamed of confidence and light. There was no denying her forward motion. I knew right away that this had to be the woman that I had seen on Instagram. I could not see her face at all, but I could just feel it. I immediately crossed to the other side of the street to engage with her merely to say hello and to let her know that I respect her energy. When I approached her, she was on the phone. I apologized and waited. She chose to terminate the call and greet me. She was polite, engaging, and free of ego. Our conversation was short, however, we both were respectful of each other. I left her with my business card and we went on our separate ways. I manifested her. In a matter of about a month, I manifested Hadiiya. There was no ulterior motive or anything that I wanted other than to just tell her that her flow is truly wonderful and inspiring. She received it well. You can find out more about her HERE and also on her Instagram HERE .

     During the next part of my day, I found myself walking down the street and seeing a very dear friend of mine who I toured with for a year or so. This would have normally been something that made me smile instantly, however, she was next to her car in the street standing next to another friend as well. She had just gotten into an accident, or so it seems. She looked at me with amazement as I walked up to her. In a matter of  seconds after her little incident, two people appeared that were very close to her. A person had accused her of hitting him while he was crossing the street. This was not what happened, however, somehow we both showed up from different directions and were able to make her feel more secure. She told us that there definitely is a higher power if two random souls showed up right on time like that. We consoled her and then I had to leave and get to an appointment. The energy of life moves with such mystery and yet with such purpose. I am grateful for this day. I am immensely blessed. Much light to you.


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