Feng Shui Knowledge / Opening

  I am not a Feng Shui expert. However, I have read on it for a couple of years and something that it said stuck out in my mind. It specifically said that the bottom left corner of your home as you enter is the personal growth and cultivation area. Now this was very interesting to me because that room in my apartment is the room that no one sees except me. It has all sorts of things to touch in it. I have metal, wood, glass, frames, jewelry, photography equipment, and so much more. That is the positive side of the room. The downside is that I have been amassing all of these jewels and then I acquired so much stuff that I could not properly walk into the room! This has been a problem as I am sure you can understand.

   For the last two days I have been focused on its contents and I have shaved it down quite a bit. I am confident that I have shifted something in me so profoundly, that I am about to be exposed to something that will truly push me to the next level of creativity. As I have been seriously purging things and getting things in order, it has felt like I am in the middle of a detox or cleanse. I have let this room go for way too long. As I was in the middle of the room today, I realized that I may have been so daunted by my own ability to create so many things, that it left me paralyzed. Imagine that, stuck because you have too many choices. Being able to walk into this room and find things that I had completely forgotten about has been extremely humbling. I found some pictures and well as some tools that I had not seen in years.

    Truth be told, I was a little bit ashamed just to be clear. I mean that room could have been cleared a million times in a leisurely fashion and all would have been smooth and shiny. However, something halted me and I allowed it to continue. This has had me in deep pensive states over the past week or so. Some things have materialized around me that have caused me to really zero in on what is important even more than usual. I am looking at all of my tangible possessions and asking myself the question that people mostly ignore. That question is, "Why do I have this and is it pushing me forward to a better place, or hindering me form growing?" I have answered it honestly and just like that, 12 or more plastic bags have been purged from my apartment.

     We are all blocked somewhere in our lives. I can say that with a conviction that I do not have to second guess. I am now in a state of opening. The kind of opening that can be compared to an eagle stretching it's wings as wide as it can or even that first few moments that a newborn baby experiences as he or she takes its first breath out of the womb. Releasing the pent up energy from this little room has affected something inside of me. I am describing it as best I can, but on the other hand, it is deeper than I can put into words. I have always felt the strength that shows up on the other side of moving things around in your home. Yet and still, this time there is something else going on.

      I encourage you to pull up Feng Shui online and explore this ancient Chinese system of laws that are considered to direct spatial arrangement in relation to energy. I have been reminded over and over that it is real and that it does make a difference where you put things in your home. I have been extremely fatigued over the last week in an abnormal way. I welcome the cleanse and the new direction though. My eyes are heavy. Enjoy yourself and know that you are capable of so much more than you think. I'll vouch for you.



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