D.O.B. Bliss

 Birthdays are great days for so many reasons. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it. Some people have tough memories on their birthday and my heart goes out to them. For me though, I always feel a sense of accomplishment each and every time.

  The power of social media has taken the burden off of remembering every one's birthday. I am certain that I would not have gotten over 156 calls if Facebook was not alive and kicking. The other side of that though, is that each and every person had to want to wish me a happy birthday. It does not happen automatically at all. I was beyond moved by the pictures, well wishes, deep sentiments and so forth. We really do feel it as human beings when we are recognized or celebrated. It's something that warms the soul.

   I was also very taken by the messages that I received by voicemail. So much love and appreciation. Each one was just as important as the next one. People reached out and left a piece of themselves and it felt so good. It was especially soothing to hear my mother's voice today. She smiled through the phone and I could feel it. Getting a call from the source is just the top of the mountain. I know that her being my mother has made many people extremely happy in this life as I live daily with pieces of her magnificence getting sprinkled around no matter where I am.

   The actual number never meant much to me after I became an adult. I feel like I am 29 if I had to put a number on it. Nothing is the way that I was told that it would be. Some mature people are immature. Lots of young people still act like they are 50. People do not always look out for you if you need them. Life is not perfect and I had this assumption that it would all be balanced after I became an adult. No dice on that. I am still learning, growing, hitting walls every now and then, and discovering new things.

   I do love my life and I cannot wait until the new days starts each and every day. Today was a glorious day because I feel alive and full of potential. A large portion of my friends and family reminded me of that today. I am beyond blessed and it make me glow inside. Today was my birthday and I approve this message. Live bigger because you can.



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