Can You Measure Love?

 When people speak of love, they are all coming from different perspectives. We give love and receive love differently as well. Think of the times when someone loved you so hard that it almost crushed you. It may not have felt that great to you because you were possibly feeling a little bit different. You loved them as well, but it just felt different to you. So what is an effective way to measure love? I do not have this answer.

   There is a book entitled, "The 5 Love languages". In it the book explains how love is expressed in 5 different ways and how we all seem to gravitate to one in particular. Then as you read it, you start to understand a little bit better how your heart works and how you can open it up more to people in general. This is such a heart opening thing that happens if you should allow it. I am sure it's different for each heart of course. This is something that requires a bit of stepping into the unknown I guess.

    In the grand scheme of things, I believe that we all are continually learning about how to love and how to be love to those around us. It's not a sexual thing or a mind thing, it's a heart thing. We have all heard people say that this person does not love them the way that they love, or that he/she doesn't know how to love me. But once again, how can you measure that? Is there a meter for that? No there is not.

    The question is, do we need to measure love? If you connect with someone, shouldn't that be enough? No judgement here, because it truly is different for everyone. I actually think that I see it many different ways depending on the person in question. So if person A loves person B, what is the cutoff that makes it seem that they are in sync? Does each person measure the level of love between them when they are alone? I am confident that there is a certain amount of this in every relationship. So if you need more love from someone, are you depleted in an area that you need compensating, or are do you need that assurance in general. These are just questions. I truly am not speaking to anyone in particular.

     In closing, this posting came from a conversation that I overheard yesterday when I heard a woman tell her boyfriend that he doesn't love her like she loves him. It was a passing conversation on a cell phone during a train ride. It just sparked my attention because I immediately started thinking about the concept. I could write about this topic for many more paragraphs for sure. I will stop here though, because I just wanted to plant a seed within you. I am not exactly sure if it's possible to measure how much someone loves you. All I do know, is that love shows up in a million ways. It's coming at us everyday through a myriad of vehicles. Some people love you more than they love themselves, but they just cannot squeeze out the right words to let you know. It does not make them bad people or even at fault. We are all just searching for the sweet spot. Searching for the balance area. Searching for the reflection that is us. The reflection is where the magic lives. The reflection is where we are most comfortable. Just keep on loving and just measure "your" output. That is the only thing that we can undoubtedly be responsible for in the end. Here's to major output.




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