What An Energy!!!

  There are times in your life when you connect with a person that is on another level. Most of the time it seems to happen when you least expect it. Today was that kind day for me without a doubt. One of my most favorite personalities and conversationalists in my life and I had a nice long talk. We spoke of personal development and some of the things that were happening in his professional life. The ins and outs of leadership and what can happen when a person that works for you gets a bit too big for their britches and decides to blatantly disrespect you. The conversation a bit rough, however, he was explaining how he had to stand firm and not waiver. There were several teachable moments during this conversation to say the very least.

   During the call, my good friend explained how he was raising his level in his business. We speak of higher learning, raising the bar, and doing more in our lives on every level quite frequently. He introduced me to a new mentor that he has been following. Basically a very successful man that has built an empire of over 350 million in real estate has also created online courses that are taken in modules. You can do them in your own time within a year of purchase. I am not sure if you own them afterwards, but my guess is that you do not. What a concept. I'll give you one year to digest these concepts and move forward at your own pace. If you do not learn them and create an action plan, you lose access after the year. Talk about fear of loss!!!I love it!!

   Anyhow, I did some research on this man who seems to have at least 6 streams of income and I was instantly intrigued. So my good friend sent my contact info to this representative that he had dealt with to gain his full year of access. In no more than 35 minutes later. I was on the phone with her. She wanted to know exactly what caught my attention about what I had heard about the courses or any of the information. I begin to speak to her and I was completely drawn into her energy. Each sentence that came out of her mouth seemed to be shot out of a cannon in the best way possible. I knew that she was not reading from any script or anything. She was just speaking her mind and the person who employed her definitely hit a home run when he put her on the front live to welcome new energies into his porthole of higher learning.

    My personal experience is that I have met so many people who are just drifting along and waiting for things to happen. When I engage with a new person and I so much as use a word like "spectacular", or "magnificent",  or even my old faithful "incredible", the climate of the moment changes almost instantly. That is a good thing from time to time, but all the other times, it seems to stop the average Joe or Jane. This woman today was on fire though. I could tell that she was such an expert in human interaction. What she had was that natural skill that truly cannot be taught. We were even referencing different personal development books that we had read and we brought up basically the same books. The bottom line here is, this woman knew how to connect and it was so refreshing.

   Energy is contagious and its so necessary on so many levels. I did not tell this vibrant young woman that I was writing a post about her. I did tell her about the blog though. It seems that people are so quick to ridicule others for not living up to a particular expectation, yet they very rarely give praise to a person who just knocks it out of the park and changes their day for the better. I am not saying everyone, just many people. This woman changed my entire day in about 25 minutes. She was engaging, witty, sharp, and a wordsmith to say the least. My hat goes off to her.

    So if any of you are curious about this mystery man, you can find out more about him HERE .
I don't know if I should put this young woman's name here because with my luck she may be contacted by hundreds of people and be totally be freaked out by it. I will just celebrate her anonymously. What an energy!! Thank you for lighting up my day with your knowledge and personality. You were magic.




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