Tight Chest Moments

  You are speaking to someone either on the phone or in person. They are not seeing things in a way that is supportive of your soul or theirs for that matter most times. They are combatant on every level. You may make an attempt to soften the blow for them as your heart begins to beat faster, however, they stand their ground and continue to push you to the edge of sanity. They are on one page and you are on another. Mediation is necessary, but it is nowhere to be found.

   I have come to believe that many people have ingrained deficits that cannot be changed no matter what you do or how carefully you approach them. So when that moment comes and you realize that you cannot stop the bullet that has already been shot from the gun, you have to choose how you will let it hit you, or duck ever so quickly.

    We have all done many things in life that we would not do if we could somehow rewind the tape. However, there is no tape and there is not rewind button. The controls only say FORWARD, STOP, DO NOTHING, SLEEP, THINK, SLOWER, FASTER, LOVE MORE, or you may even have a machine that says, NOT YET. By the way, we are the machine and we can malfunction from time to time. In these moments, it's best to just admit it and make better choices going forward.

    The tight chest moment indicates that we are not in our flow. We have been challenged or ridiculed or plotted against. It can mean that we are misunderstood, misread, or misinformed. We are here to flow and allow our respiratory system to do its job freely. When that is not possible, or it seems not possible, the chest gets tight. It should not last for long. It's not healthy for you or anyone else for that matter.

    In closing, I know that some of you are dealing with medical issues that give you your own tight chest moments. So you can understand what happens when you are feeling this way. Its a bit frustrating, a bit uncomfortable, a bit low vibration based. We will all pull through no matter what if we have the strength to know that the love and the faith will shine brighter no matter what. I make a habit of thinking of the times in my life when I was on a serious high (without drugs), and get there again to just remember the sensation. It really works. Distractions are everywhere that can take you out of the tight chest zone. Mine lasted a good three hours today. I am reset now. Thank the heavens above for that!!! Be strong my good people. You matter, you are not a failure, you are unique. That is seriously the hard cold truth. Concentrate on the eagles instead of the rats. It will do you no harm. One love.



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