They Talk

     When you are not around, did you know that they talk? 
     They know your ways and your dealings so well.
     Their perspective on you are quite different than you may think.
     I mean don't get me wrong, it's not the end of the world. 
     When you tell them it's private, do they listen?
     Do they say it anyways and tell the next person not to tell?
     Are you sure to guard their secrets, or do they deserve to be exposed?
     This doesn't all make sense right? It also doesn't have to rhyme.

     As he spoke to me about another with such confidence, I sat and wondered.
     Is he only telling me this or am I being ridiculed on another call the same way?
     I trust his words deep inside because I hold myself to a high standard.
     Some of the things that I know could crush a few people. I won't tell.

     You trust some and still realize that it could all fall apart if they talk. 
     It's like an iceberg that stays strong until one day without notice it just falls and vanishes.
     We are all so fragile at times and we fear that people will really see us and scatter.
     Truth be told, we are already seen quite clearly by most of our inner circle.

      Talk is cheap, but words have power. There is a time and a place for them.
      When that group of words travels between the wrong people, it can hurt.
      It's not that they wanted to hurt you, it just slips out when they are off guard.
      Why aren't they more careful then? Because they don't respect the code enough to care.

      Let them talk then. Let them express their side of the story.
      Don't they know that it always has two sides?
      While they talk, they are exposing themselves anyway.
      News flash, the boomerang always makes its way back to its starting position.

      Talk is here to stay. We cannot stop it. We cannot control it. We cannot live without it.
      If we could not talk, we would have another way of communicating.
      It would probably still damage others from time to time. 
      Watch your tongue. It could create a world of trouble without you even knowing.



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