The Salary Of A Leader

  Not every person can lead. The job just doesn't fit everyone. To lead you must be cut from a different fabric. Leaders get shot at daily. They have much more responsibility than others, and they also are under constant scrutiny. So why would someone aspire to be placed in such a hot stove as a profession? That could be answered in many ways, however, I will just say for now, that some people are just born with that hunger.

   I am writing this posting because of the scrutiny that I have seen over the past 4 or 5 years or so that has been connected to those who lead large church congregations. Just for the record, this is not a religious posting, nor will I make any judgements or attempt to dissect the religious community. Each person has their own path and I respect anyone that has the conviction to go after the thing that they love or feel called upon to accomplish.

   Tonight I was sent a video of a pastor that was being investigated for suspicion that his money was being spent recklessly. He is the leader of a very prestigious church in the middle of the country and he makes a very large amount of money because of it. I know nothing about how money is divided within a large ministry at all. I just know that everyone has bills and everyone spends the money that they have outside of that in different ways. So can this man be questioned and shaved down to nothing?

    Throughout history, those who can lead a room in a story or sermon or song, have been able to make big, big, money. So the question again is, how many people could actually do what a powerful leader can do on a very large scale the way that these people do all of the time? Could you sing and dance and play an instrument like a Justin Timberlake for an entire year or two and travel and do interviews and so much more? If so, and you were really good, you too could make over a million dollars per night. People would probably drop what they were doing just to see you do all of that. So what is the reward for that? It varies from person to person.

     Back to this Pastor. I watched him being asked about this private life and all of his expenditures and it was a bit off putting in one way. The person who was asking him a million questions asked him if it was right that he was spending church dollars on Bentleys, Land Rovers, and very expensive clothing? He seemed very nervous and a bit out of sorts as he answered the questions with lots of guilt on his face. It was very strange to watch. Again, no judgement. I am here to just pose questions.  If you do what you do well, should people pay top dollar for it. He did not create the scriptures, he just knows how to deliver them. I believe that wanting people who do more to stay on the same level as others is almost impossible. The equation just does not work.

    In closing, could CEO's of companies show up to work in economy cars? Yes, they surely can, but it would cause loads of conversation for sure. Can a mega recording star be seen showing up at a discount store in a beat up station wagon with ripped smelly clothes on? Yes, but they would be all over social media within the hour. What if they just wanted to fit in? I think you get what I am saying. Leaders make more because they do more. Of course there are times when it was all about connections, but I am just speaking of those who have earned it. How much is too much money? Does that exist? Would you be angry to find out that a Pastor had a 2.8 million dollar house? How does that make you feel? Should he be living in squalor or just slightly above the norm? Many times when people make too much money, the greed and anger sets in. Who can really say what the worth of a human being is that is somehow changing the vibrations of many single-handedly?Just a question. Be well for now.



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