The Power Of Thank You / Young Excitement


    I read a few chapters of a business book today called, "Appreciation Marketing." I stumbled across a few stories about people and about how the most successful people had a gratitude attitude in common. It talked about how they were so connected to their people and how much they showed gratitude on a daily basis. This concept is one of my top 5 things to do and to speak about, so I was excited to be reading this. The stories were so rich and so on point. 

    As I closed the book because my train stop had come, I started to think about the frequency of use of these two words and my own examples from my own life. I guess almost every parent that I know has told their children a million times to say thank you when something is given to you or done for you. It's the ultimate parental statement on many levels. Then I thought of how I genuinely love to use these words as much as I can, whenever I can. They certainly leave a mark and just let people know that they are not forgotten. 

     Then there is the upper echelon of thankdom (my made up word), the personally hand written note that arrives almost each and every time to a thunderous applause from the inner sanctum. I have written quite a few in my life and  I can tell you that it cannot be ignored or taken lightly. This is when you want a person to really know that they have moved you. Just the other day I was in a store just using up some extra time while waiting for an appointment. A woman came up to me and greeted me like I had 50 dollar bills stuck to my body, but she was so authentic and kind. She helped me and I didn't even buy one thing. She will be getting a letter of thanks through the corporate channels and she has no idea of this at all. 

     The thank you delivery is the Grand PooBah of all human interaction in my opinion. If you load up with enough of them over time, it can do no wrong. Of course not saying it enough over time could actually leave a mark. I have been in situations when I just felt that I was not appreciated at all and those situations have been short lived to say the very least. Everyone is not going to say please or thank you for that matter. However, when are the first to shoot it out, it feels so good. It makes a difference. It is noticed that you have noticed.


     I watched some children playing in a schoolyard today for about 20 minutes. They ran around and pulled on each other and play fought, and even created some short games with just their bodies and their smiles. It was so easy for them to just be in the moment. It goes without saying that when adults are excited, it feels so much different. I have to say that not all adults are in this category. I can name many people in my own family that are still actively excited about many things. Just watching them today was so very refreshing. The young mind can build excitement literally out of thin air with no props or tools. I continually watch children. I say it all of the time. A young person will always remind you to take it back to the basics. There is always a lesson nestled in the action of a child as it relates to excitement. It's not about the new gadget, the new car, the new shirt, the new pair of sneaks, or even the new app for your phone. The most magical thing about being human is most often rebuilding happiness and excitement within yourself over and over and over again without having to rely on it coming from outside of you. 

     To wrap this up, I love young excitement. Actually, I love excitement period. When we are excited, things happen and we draw things closer to us. When we are excited, others are more willing to link up with us and do big things. When we are excited, even the children are amazed. That is what I live for, the excitement. Bringing it out and delivering it to others. Just as a side note, not everyone deserves our excitement, but I'll let you think about that sentence a little bit if it has not sunk in yet. I am excited that many people will read this post.  Thank you



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