The Path To The Right People

  Today my day began by having a conversation with a great friend of mine on the west coast. To get right to the point, we had a little talk about why people meet and how sometimes we meet people only to get connected to a person that they know. Have you ever met a person that you are seemingly connected to and then they introduce you to a friend of theirs? That seems pretty straight forward right? However, after a while, the person that you met originally falls away and does not contact you anymore? Do you wonder why or do you just have a great time with the one that respects you as you respect them? This is a brief description of what happened to me. Life can be tricky at times in that regard, as we all know.

   We went back and forth on this topic and we both agreed that the universe does in fact place us in the vicinity of some people who may be a bit off balance or toxic from time to time, just to bless us with the strength and character of a completely different person. I believe in this with all of my being. I do not believe that we are here to understand everyone or everything. I do believe that each and every meeting is deliberate and full of lessons though. That is what I thrive on in my life.

    I have had two or three conversation in the last week or so that were between 1 and a half hours and 3 hours with three separate people. The topics were, feedback, appreciation, true connections, and even celebrating your core friends or individuals that are unwavering in their authenticity towards you and your forward motion. There has never been a time in my life that I have been clearer as to who are the people around me that are so loyal and full of richness. I am so extremely grateful for them.

    The path to meeting the right people will never ever be clear. If it was clear, I do not believe that we would have the skills to steer clear of what is undoubtedly not for us. The signals are all around and we feel them each and every time. The right people are not afraid to let you see them in many different lights over a short or long period of time. The right people seem to always know when you need a little pick up or a little bit of quiet to vent or just a hard core piece of straight laced honesty. The right people always show up right on time too. I have so many examples of this that its silly. The other side of this is that your right time may not be there right time and visa versa. The path can be laced with a few booby traps too.

     I am so fortunate. I am sending warmth to many people daily that I do not even speak to. I send it to them because they showed up on my path. Does that make them the right people for me to interface with each ad every time? No it does not. I will say though, that once I cross paths with someone, I make sure that they feel my presence in the best way possible. That is always the example that was shown to me as a young boy. Connections that I have made over 20 years ago and more are still in my life to this day. It kind of makes me wonder how a very new connection can take me off course from time to time when it flips on a dime. It's all part of the game of life right? I send you an endless supply of triple fat monster good vibes. Thank you for always being here.



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