The Invisible Vegan Burger Conversation Starter

  I had to go in with this title. So I was in a small cafe/coffee shop not too far from my house. I come to this place from time to time for the minimalist atmosphere and the very clean and healthy food. When I entered the cafe, the owner and one of my favorite waiters of all time were at the front counter together. We greeted each other and exchanged some whimsical banter and then I ordered. I usually order the same thing if I am not there for brunch, but today I decided to take a leap to the unknown. I ordered the vegan burger that is home made on the premises. This is where it all started.
   After I sat down at a sun drenched stool that was facing a gorgeous and crisp day, I decided to change seats because each person that opened the door blessed me with more breeze than I cared to be given. I changed seats and actually sat at a two person table behind the door. This was more comfortable and I began to take out some reading material. I read a chapter or to of a book and then before I knew it, the meal was in front of me. Just as a side note, when I asked if the burger was a substantial size, he replied," It's tall." I loved that description and trusted that it would be way before it arrived. The burger was exceptional. I mean really, really good. Stepping out of my comfort zone once again proved to be a great move.

    Maybe 15 minutes after this burger was partying inside of my stomach, a couple walked in. The man sat beside me as I moved my bag to make sure that he had enough room. He was quiet at first, but after about a minute, he asked me what was it that was on my plate before I finished it? I instantly told him that it was a vegan burger and then proceeded to describe it as though I was going to be given a $500 reward for getting him to buy one. He admitted that he was not even close to being a vegetarian or a vegan, but that he was compelled to get one. He was joined by his wife and we started a conversation that lasted for about 20 minutes or so.

     We spoke of so many topics that ranged from children, to lessons from my parents, to investment management, to Airbnb, to plumbing, to how delicious the burger was. We decided to exchange information and resume the conversation at a later date. I had to get to an appointment and he and his wife were gracious enough not to extend the conversation any longer. It would have been a pleasure
to have extended it for sure. As I have said so many times before, each meeting is in perfect time and happens for a reason. This man has just started his own business and I have as well. He asked me to describe something that was no longer on my plate. I found that curiously strange and interesting. That lead to a great conversation and now I have two new friends who seem to be very entertaining and passionate about life. I am grateful for that.

     Why do people engage with other people out of thin air? That answer could be a very long one for most people. I can only speak for myself though, when I say that  I believe that your inside feels a connection with the inside of that other person. It's something that we do not have control of for the most part. We can always block it or walk away from it, however, we don't necessarily beckon it. I really loved this interaction. I almost feel that I am going to do business with this man in the near future. I cannot fully explain why, I just feel it. By the way, he finished his burger while we were speaking and he was really pleased with it. The power of suggestion and the willingness to be open and transparent can do wonders for us even when we don't exactly know when we will use both of those superpowers simultaneously. Take it easy.....




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