The Can / Ellen

 As I rode the subway almost daily, I see people eating, drinking, and handling things that need to be disposed of sooner or later. There was a time that there were lots more trash cans for you to throw garbage in, and now there are less. After doing just a little bit of research, I found out the reason. many places were experiencing more rats and so forth on the platforms because of the garbage bins. I mean if you were a rat, wouldn't you rush to the place that you were certain would have something to eat? It just makes sense.

  The fact of the matter is that it is not hard to throw garbage into a trash can. Even waiting to throw it away until you get out of the station is not that hard at all. So why is it that the number one cause of tracks fires in NYC is litter? I say that the issue is purely the fact that people don't think that they are seen when they do it. However, now there are cameras everywhere. I know you can get fined, but I have never seen it happen to anyone. I see people throw entire bags in the tracks or even the last few bites of a piece of pizza.

   So there I was about 5 feet away from this young guy who was kind of rough and frumpy. he was half awake and half sleeping. His head worked hard to stay up, but it kept falling. Then he woke up completely and started drinking this can of soda. He must gulped it down in about 4 swigs. I caught myself staring at him as he just placed the can under his seat on the train. I tried my best to not judge him, but I failed. Couldn't he take that with him? Then he dropped the bag that it was in and the paper from the straw. My mind instantly chalked it up to bad home training. You have to learn that from watching someone or someone not caring about you doing that right? Maybe I am misinformed. he got up and left the train at the following stop. I was in that very moment so grateful to have really good parents.

    You know, I cannot get enough of Ellen. What a life she has. She can expect to have a full audience of people daily. They come to see her have fun and give things to people. She gifts them with their favorite people from stage and screen and they get to be there in a room that make them feel as if the person that they are seeing is one of their good friends. I love how people just go crazy when she asks them to come up and get a surprise or gift as well as her very unique style of dancing before every show. Ellen just seems to be flowing without a care in the world and people just tune in to watch her at her normal, which seems to be her best.

    After catching about 35 minutes of her show today, I thought once again about the power of one person. How one person with a substantial amount of style, grace, and openness can affect millions of people. Then when you have reached that many people, you get to have anything that you want as well. I have seen her house in California online and its all that you would think that it would be. I believe that she deserves to live the way that she does because she shows up so authentically each and every time. I do not think that she is connected to all of that Hollywood crap. I have never met her, but I plan to sometime in the very near future. I know that its no mistake that she is exactly where she is right now.

    We all affect many people. It's just that we don't have a show to prove it. We also give lots of things away to people, it's just that we don't always see what we give and how it is received. So does that mean that we are all an Ellen? No, it just means that we can all become our version of Ellen. Which in the end will be completely different and unique. So much so, that there would be no comparison in the end. Just putting it out there. Take it all in and keep focused on what makes you tick..



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