Sitting On A Lottery Ticket

  As you read this title, what comes to your mind? Is it a person that is in your life? Is it something that you own that is worth more money than you can tell anyone about? Maybe it's a secret that could change the lives of everyone that is close to you? It does not matter what comes to mind, but it does matter that you have something that powerful. I was taken aback when I heard this sentence uttered today.

  Just recently, a big lottery jackpot was dispersed between some people here in the United States. I followed it and I even bought a ticket. Gambling is completely not my thing. I do not believe in it wholeheartedly enough to place any consistent energy towards it. I just knew that if I won, many people would have been blessed beyond belief. I have gambled maybe 4 times in my entire life as it relates to actual monetary gain. I have gambled outside of money several hundreds of times for sure. I have gone after things that others would just laugh about for sure. I have placed importance on things that others may have even laughed at uncontrollably. The best thing about that to me is that it never mattered not even once if anyone thought it was cool or necessary or important. It mattered to me and then I went after it.

   I have been tested and tried and pushed by many things, but I have never felt bad about going after anything that I really wanted for any reason. I have a list that would be so long as it relates to things like this. There is no particular need to write the list here, but trust me, it could fill this entire screen.It seems as though I have had many lottery tickets in my life because they all seemed like things that I had to go after to win. You know the expression, "You have to be in it to win it." It's for sure that you will not win every time, but you have to out your skin in the game.

    I read something today from a woman that is a successful life coach and plus sized model. She said something to the effect that she wishes that she had a man to make all of the recipes that she had learned to make recently. I read this and I took a moment before I said anything out loud. I was alone when I read this anywhere. Then I thought to myself, doesn't she realize that she had to register her lottery ticket to get where she is today? Doesn't she realize that she has to get more of her skin in the game to have a man to make those recipes for in the future? Doesn't she realize that she is sitting on a lottery ticket? She wrote this publicly on social media.

    I sent her my personal bundle of warmth silently instead of replying to her comment on social media. I got a gut reaction that she would defend her position and that it would turn into an ego match. So I decided to send the best of energy her way. This is a very powerful and attractive woman. She turns heads and she made it her mission to help others feel better about herself. She even partnered with a woman that knew more than her to be mentored and taught the way to put more wind underneath her sails. It worked and she is in a great place now. However, she is still lacking and she made it known.

    In closing, I am standing for her without her knowing. She may never read this, unless I send it to her. I do not plan to do that at this particular time. The bottom line is this, we are all sitting on a lottery ticket in my book. It's a gamble, it's a step to the outer core of reality, it's moving to a place that mostly everyone would not be caught dead. But when you go there and you are victorious, you will want to tell everyone many times over how you got there. So if you keep sitting on your lottery ticket, you will never know if you have won or not. It's time to pick your numbers. The ticket takers are everywhere. They are waiting for you to put in your unique numbers. Sit with that one...



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