Processing The Process

  I have been in the entertainment business since I was about 17 or 18, maybe even earlier. When I think back to the beginning of my tingle for what I do, that is what I can remember, tingles. I sang and did some acting as early as grade school as I remember.The thing is that I never thought that any human being could make a living doing something that was so soothing. I watched Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Lionel Richie, and so many others. They all seemed as though they just did it because they were destined to be there. I did not think that they were getting paid for it at all. That was my young mind just doing what it did at that age.

   Being in a great city like NYC is its own gift. I can go on and on as to why that is true each and every day. If the energy of this city does not reach someone, it baffles me. There are so many things going on in so many ways, that it can be very overwhelming. The even more powerful thing about this, is that each and every person can find their little corner to navigate through or in. The magic of this city is that anyone can come here and make something happen in their own time if they are willing to do so.

   Today I entered a building that I have never been in before. It's a relatively new building to me because this city changes by the minute. I went into this building with one goal, to audition for the most popular musical on Broadway right now. I knew that it would be a powerful day because there are many people that are chasing their dreams just like I am. When something is going well, really well, people want to be a part of it. Everyone wants to be connecting to the thing that is winning.

    To make this story concise, I did not get the opportunity to audition. The reason being, is that I am not an equity actor. This is not a huge problem or anything. There are plenty of people who have not chosen to become equity eligible for their own personal reasons. I won't get into the details about that, however, it's possible for whoever wants to take that route. This is all part of the process. I entered the room and began processing the process.

     There were several good looking men and women and the full was filled to the brim. There were cards being flashed, papers being filled out, and lots of cell phones being stared at back and forth. The energy was very intense. You could feel the hunger in the room to land this show. After 10 minutes, I knew that I was not going to be seen. I was really just fine about it, based on the fact that this is how this business works. The entertainment business is built to keep people out, as it should be. If everyone was allowed in, it would not be as fabulous when you finally break the tape.

      As I have made the decision to push a bit harder in this direction going forward, I have to take each and every piece of it along the way. Managing the scrapes and burns is part of the journey. As I walked away from the building, I immediately went to check on some new auditions, and I kept it moving. It really was not a big deal. On the other hand, I prepared to sing and expose my talents to a new group of people that had the power to change my artistic course. The great part about that is the fact that my preparation will not go unused in anyway. The more that I prepare, the better off I am for the future.

      My biggest take away from this day was that I have built up some tough skin as it relates to the business. I did not feel slighted, or mishandled, or less than after I left. I love to audition because it keeps you humble. To one person, you are king, to the next one, you are an under par amateur. Imagine showing up to that mentality every day at work? I think you smell what I am cooking. As I wrap this up, I am still processing. Keep your heads up....




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