Personal Development Rewind

  I have been reading personal development since I was about 18 or so. My first one was "Awaken The Giant Within", by Tony Robbins. It changed the way that I look at things in a big way. I still have that book in my bookshelf and it is still powerful. To this day, I still use some golden nuggets that I got from that book. It truly is incredible. For whatever reason, when I listened to what they guys said or read their words back then, I didn't realize how timeless their words would become in the future. The same principles apply today and the messages have not changed one bit.

   I start each day with about 15 to 30 minutes of personal development. Usually right after I visit the little boys room, I return and press play while I make my bed and then the learning begins. I have been listening to a personal development series by a man named Brian Tracy, called "Thinking Big". When I tell you that this series of (cassettes actually) is so ridiculously powerful, I am not lying to you in the least bit. I would get it from the library right away if you can, or better yet buy it for yourself. I always find it inspiring and it amps me up in a special way.

    Today he was discussing how to get clear about the things that you want and so forth and he went into writing your goals each and every day in the present tense as if you have already achieved them. Now for most people this is like being spoken to in Chinese. The last time I spoke with someone about this, they looked at me like I was from a galaxy far, far away. However, I can tell you with the utmost conviction, this really works. I can tell you so many stories of things that have happened to me just by doing this consistently. I feel off a bit last year for many different reasons. Non of them are strong enough to list here, so I wont. The point is, when you do it, something changes and you can only feel it deep within yourself.

   I read quite a while back that there is something about moving your fingers on a piece of paper and letting your brain see the words that spell out your desires that makes this complete circle and allows the universe to push things in your direction. This is not a tall tale at all. It has happened for me in many ways. Recently, I have been hearing statements and getting phone calls that suggest that things are about to turn in a new direction for me in a big way. I am welcoming them and I am also being clear about the choices that I am making in different situations. It's deep. I am having to process it all a bit differently lately.

   So all in all I wrote this posting to recommend Brian Tracy. Please look up his name online and check that series out for yourself. I think it may help you in a big way. Just looking out for you all.
Peace and soul.


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