Happy For Them / Racism Gets A Pass

  When was the last time that you were so happy for someone that you forgot about yourself? I mean so happy for them that you just wanted to just smile as big as you could and then you did. That happened to me tonight as I watched my good friend on national television tonight for her debut on Conan. It made me feel proud and and it made me feel that there is once again always possibility fro each and every one of us. Being in the music business, I meet so many people that don't share support for others. The creatives in this world will all prosper more if they support each other.

   I actually know some people that I feel are not on this channel at all. I will not mention them at all here on this platform, but I study them and their actions from time to time just to be clear as to how not to treat others. I think that we all know that most of those people are not even supportive of themselves, so how can we expect them to have that for others?

   Just yesterday I was leaving the subway station and walking up a flight of stairs, I saw a man walking up the stairs backwards. He had a very heavy cart and I guess he thought that he could pull it and it would be easier. He made it up 3 stairs and then out of no where a white and a black man helped him. They did not know him at all. One took his arm and one took the cart. You should have seen all of the people in the near vicinity watching this like The Kardashians were filming on the platform. What a moment. To have that on film would have been so very good. People are good from the inside. I truly believe that.

    It seems that at a time when so much has become so ridiculously integrated and cutting edge, we are once again speaking so much about race. Is there racism? Yes. Will it end tomorrow? No. However, I tend to think that those who are speaking about it the most have their own set of issues that are masked by them putting their energy on the unjust behaviors of people who have a different color of skin than they do. The truth is this, if your child was in a burning building and the only person in that building that could help them out was of  race that you despised of, the color of their skin would be irrelevant. That being said, we are all under fire in one way or another. So let's just join hands and get through it together. I approve this message.



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