Grammy Talk

      I enjoyed the Grammys this year for a few good reasons. The singers were powerful and the performances were full of meaning and purpose. The thing that I do not like is how quick everyone is to criticize some of the big names. This evening is about popularity and who you know in my opinion. Who is the best of the best? It is a personal choice. There were at least two categories that I felt should have been won by other artists. However, it is not up to me at all. There were big names on stage as well as in the audience. Each and every one of them would have been happy to have gone
home with a trophy. The raw truth is that everyone cannot win. It is set up like that.

     The high point of the night, or should I say the most teachable moment for me, was when Adele sang and there were obvious sound issues. The piano mic had fallen onto one of the strings of the piano. Therefore the sound was nothing short of horrendous and she had to deal with it. Her face changed slightly during the song, however she braved through. I heard her voice go a little off key, but not because she could not sing, it was because when something goes wrong, unexpectedly wrong, we are all tested. I love what she did, She just moved on and then the chatter started the next day.

    None of us are invincible. Could you have handled that musical mess up? She handled it like a pro. I love to see people overcome a situation that they did not have any idea was going to happen. We are all magicians and at any given moment, we are expected to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Respect to you Adele. Your voice is making millions of people happy when they are expected to take care of "life" things. Music is the great healer. I am so very happy to be connected to it for life. I think that was a complete and accidental double meaning in that that sentence. I am connected to music for life and I make music my living because it gives me life. Ciao



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