Good Day, I Am The Resistance

  Well, we have all been there once or twice or thrice. I have always wanted to use that word in a sentence. The moment when something inside of us is resisting doing something or someone on the outside is creating the resistance for us. It's tricky, it's a bit draining, it's a bit unnatural. We usually meet with it like we meet up with cat that darts in front of us or even a car that suddenly cuts us off at an intersection. So what can we do in this moment? How do we handle it effectively without damaging ourselves? Well, most times it vanishes and we are left with a few scrapes, and other times it repeats again and again like an old grandfather clock that has reached 12 o'clock.

   Have you ever known a person that carries around hurt from years ago? They talk about it constantly and it is always their go to in most conversations where stress is the subject. They are convinced that what happened back then is creating each and every moment right now and they have no control of it. What usually happens is that you get used to it or you stop showing up for the feature presentation, if you catch my drift. The problem is that we do not have have the power to pull their plug from the projector. It's way too long and way too thick and strong. They have been strengthening it for many years. It's incredible how some people can be so married and committed to their pain. There usually are no retro payments for wrongs done to us in prior times. It just doesn't happen. The heart and soul have to move on and that is that. Otherwise, suffering with continue with a vengeance.

   I have studied resistance in many books that I have read and they all say the same thing. They say that resistance from you or towards you is relentless on any day, however, if you decide to ignore it, after a while it will set its sights on an easier target. The resistance does not like any push back or competition while its on its mission. I will meditate on this after I complete this post. I will not label this sensation after I meditate. I will let it find its way to another being. In the same breath, I will wish the new recipient massive strength to redirect it once again. Remember that if anything is eating at you right now that you need to clear up by doing, saying, or actually rethinking it, whatever it is will not be any match to a strong and direct decision from you to change course and think positively, openly, and with a multitude of love.

   By the way, I am not the resistance, I am only the author of this blog. I am love, possibility, and a passionate, heat seeking individual who is still a student in the art of human interaction. My notebooks are filling up with notes faster than I can say N.Y.C!!! What a journey, what a constant stream of eye opening moments. Peace and much abundance to you. Resist the resistance. It's poison. Flow is where its at. Each and every time.



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