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  I went to a concert last evening. It was to see an artist that I admire more than I can put into words. His name is Gregory Porter . He is a kind souls who is warm and full of calm and insightful energy. I have been listening to his music for about 2 years now or so. I was introduced to him by listening to some random Cd's that were given to me by a friend who was at the time working for a small record label. I remember how I felt when I played the CD for the first time. Some music just grabs you and just forces you to listen without giving you a moment to do anything else. Actually, its even deeper than that. It's the voice that sometimes feels like it's speaking directly to you. That is what I felt when I heard him for the first time.

    There was an opening act as well. This young woman came out and was a bit off balance it seemed. I loved her voice and her demeanor. The way that she was just there with only a microphone and her emotions transformed into melodies with deep and moving words was soothing for the most part. The issue was that she tuned her guitar before she began and then after every song. I felt for her because the cold is not nice to acoustic or electric instruments. She let us know this many times during her 5 song set. I am continually learning from each and every artist that I see. I gleaned so much from her and I am glad that I was there to see and hear her.

   Gregory was once again brilliant. His songs speak of love and life and loss. He is full of knowledge and his love of higher power. His mother was a pastor and his father was mostly absent from his life. He lets you into his world and has one of the most eloquent styles that I have ever seen as it relates to how he breathes life into his songs. I get a similar feeling from James Taylor, but that is for another posting. All in all, his musicians were just flawless. I heard so many juicy nuances that made this band golden that I could not possibly go into detail about each and every one right now. When you sing the same songs over and over again, the songs grow. They take on new forms and new meanings emerge as well. Being a vocalist, I listen very carefully to tone, diction, and of course feeling. Gregory has so much of all those things and more. To top the evening off, I was able to meet him and say a few words to him as well as to take a picture with him. I am normally not rushing to take pictures with performers after a show, however, this felt really good. I told him how his music really reaches me and how he has inspired me to no end. What a blessing.

    So it is the day that is often ridiculed, seldom forgotten, and mostly misunderstood. Although, I will not write the entire story about it here, do yourself a favor and search "The true story of Valentine's day". You will be surprised by what you read. It seems that most of our major holidays are driven by money and consumption. On the other hand, I am for any day that softly pushes the world in the direction of love. I just have issues with fake aspect of it. If you could see the lines of men here in NYC looking as miserable as they can possibly be while waiting to reluctantly buy flowers, it would amuse you. I have never been married, so I cannot speak to that area, however, one thing that I do know about women is that they love to be loved on any day of the week. That to me is the golden goose egg in the basket. Love your woman as many days in the week as you possibly can by showing her in random small ways all of the time. This is a day that was created by others. Create your own reasons and days for yourself. Lastly, don't beat yourself up if you didn't get asked out today or did not receive flowers or any of that. You are love. You are a human flower. You can take yourself out on a date. However, if this day ignites lovemaking, hugging, touching, kissing, and all of those those things for you and your partner, I am totally respectful for that. You are fortunate and blessed.

     Last evening at the concert I had four different interactions.One was with the sound man for Gregory Porter, one was with a woman that was standing in line in front of me to see Gregory, one was with a friend that I had not seen in a very long time, and lastly, one was with one of my favorite writers of all time. I take many of my experiences as signs. Our journey has as many signs as an interstate highway on any day of the week. If we follow them, we will certainly get to our destination. I walked up to the sound man to ask him a few questions about his board and about the microphone that Gregory uses. He was open and engaging and his information was priceless to say the least. He told me that he was filling in for the normal sound guy. I left happy and grateful that I chose to speak with him and to give him my professional card.

     This woman that spoke to me did so after hearing me hum a riff from one of the songs last night. She literally just turned to me and started talking. This happens to me quite a bit actually. Something about my face must just tell people that I will speak to them. The funny thing is that I usually do right afterwards. She told me that she is retired but used to be a choral director and play piano and a few other things. She asked what I did and then asked if I could help her with some music things. She wanted a younger viewpoint and was getting a vibe from me that she wanted to explore. To be clear, she was with her husband or friend or whomever he was. She was a bit nervous or unfocused or something, I could not tell which one. We exchanged info. More on that as it develops.

    As I was leaving the venue, I ran into an actor that I have known for many years. He is a solid man of about 6 feet maybe. He has been in quite a few things from movies to television. He was even on a show that I love and he just popped out of nowhere one day as I watched it. Anyhow, I had not seen him since I saw him on this show and I wanted so bad to connect with him, but I did not have his number. He and I used to do yoga together at the same studio. He did confirm that it was him and we will be in contact now. Great guy that is super talented and funny too!!!This meeting was all a part of the master plan, I am sure.

    Lastly, from across the room I saw one of my favorite writers of all time. His name is Seth
and he has opened me up to some of the most hard hitting lessons that I use in my everyday life. This guy will get in your head. I immediately went over to him and spoke with him for about 4 minutes. As an added note, this was actually the 2nd time that I have met him and spoken with him. He was so moved that I came to once again say hello and to compliment his writing and how he has influenced me. I was in a room that had two huge figures that inspire me like crazy!! Was that a mistake? I think not.

     All of the people that I interacted were weaved together in my mind. I watched and listened to Gregory and got to speak to him. I met Seth again. I met a new sound guy. I met a seasoned musician that wants to connect with me. Lastly, I reconnected with a guy that I will spend some more time with in the future. It's all industry related, but more importantly, it's human related. These are all human beings no matter what there bank accounts or website data says. They were all human as I was face to face with them. Big things are to come for my journey and I am very certain of this. I am so excited for the future, however, equally excited and grateful for what is happening right now. So be sure to look left and look right. The signs are everywhere. Keep your head up and out of that phone, you might miss something big.  Actually, someone might even miss you. Push forward with light and grace. I support you.




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