Creation Is Freedom

  What can you create? Can you create something tonight in the privacy of your own home? The answer is absolutely yes. I have done it many times in the past and I intend to do it many more times in the future. I am not any better than the next person, however, I am quite diligent when it comes to creation. Now, how creative a person is can be interpreted in so many ways. Actually, it's always an opinion that someone has in all seriousness. You may think Warhol or Basquiat, Dali, or Madonna are all highly creative. However, many other people may think all of those people are frauds. They could all be right in their own minds. That is just how it is.

   Today I watched some videos of a man who lives in Miami that has created so many things online to help and educate people and it inspired me. It will always be up to us to create anything. You always can be very sure that you have good people around you when they ask you why you have not done something like what they see when they love it and think you can do much better. This is a way that our closest friends choose to compliment our potential and it feels good for the most part. I also love when you can connect with someone that has as much belief in you as you do in yourself or more. It feels good and it gets your attention. However, it's still up to us.

    Creation is freedom and it can allow you to be as free as you possibly can be. Recently, I spoke with a friend and I asked them to create something of there own instead of complaining about working for people that really do not respect them. They were not interested in this statement in the least. I stand for all of my friends in whatever way that I need to no matter what. From time to time it burns them and they disconnect from me. However, when you know that you are coming from a good place, you cannot do anything differently.

    I wrote this post to remind all of you that when you create, it does something to you from the inside. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you have not been creating half as much as you should. All of the things that we use daily have been created by someone who could not stop creating until they made something that people could feel and incorporate into their daily life. I got seriously motivated to create even more than I already am by a man who has created much more than me. I do not envy him, I respect him for being such a stellar example of pushing things closer to the edge. We all need that example from time to time. Don't wait. Create something today and put your name on it.



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