Crazy Man On A Train

  You all know that I write this blog in NYC by this time. I could probably write three blogs a day with no problem with all of the things that I see daily. This city has the cream of the crop providers of entertainment that does not require buying a Broadway ticket on any day. I mean the diversity of people and the methods of transportation and so many other factors, take this city into overdrive each and every day.

   Many time when I enter the train, there is something in progress that makes me stop and look or listen. Today it was first a trio of excellent singers who serenaded the train with some Motown flare. I give a donation most times, however, today was not that day. As they moved closer to my side of the train and finished their number, I was reading a magazine. I smiled and acknowledged their talent, but for some reason, my gut did not allow me to reach into my pockets for them. With about maybe 20 seconds to go before the doors opened at the next stop, I heard one of the singers say, "Well, well, well, just sit there and ponder, ponder, ponder." I had no idea if he was talking to me, because my head was in the magazine. Then he said, "It's a shame how some people won't help their fellow man who is just bringing a little joy into their lives. It's actually sicking." I thought wow, that man turned into a grumpy and angry person after singing like an angel. I trusted my gut ahead of time, and I guess it was right again. Amazing how we feel things before they even happen. I send him blessing straight from my blog, either way. The teachable moment though, was that I have no idea if that comment was directed at me. If I choose to take it on, then it was. I chose to take the high road and not say a thing.

    That part of the train ride was actually not why I am writing this posting. There was a man on the train that was laying over 5 seats on his side. He was spewing expletives to the woman across from him that were very sexist and not very gentlemanly at all. He was loud and brash and smelled very bad. He had gotten the entire trains attention. Some people even got up and relocated. I had my back to him because it just seemed like a better choice. He even verbally attacked a man who looked like a woman a few times. Not one person said a word. Was it because they feared being hit or shouted at in some way? Was it because they didn't want to be embarrassed by speaking to him? Maybe it was because they just thought he was completely out of his mind and didn't think it was worth wasting their time over? Either way, he silenced a train of about 35 people. Each person gazed in another direction and pretended as if he was not there at all. I was one of those people. He had everyone on guard and not relaxed in the least bit.

     I tell this story because many times I feel that every once in a while, we should just go in and see if that person will respond to us? Its a case by case thing of course. But somehow, I walked off of the train thinking that maybe me saying something would have made a difference. I engage with people all of the time as I walk through this great city. He was a mystery, seemingly a bum, a person who did not seem as though he cared about anything but being loud and rude. Was there some thing under all of that? I will never know unless I run into him again. If we are misunderstood, does that make us crazy? Who knows if he has family or if he will eat tonight? Who knows if he just needed that one person to reach out to him and just say," Hey man, are you good?", Do you need anything?"

    In closing, I was possibly part of the problem today. I even named the posting "Crazy Man On A Train", so what can I say? It's our not knowing that gets us in trouble most times. It's the assuming, the running, the hiding. Sometimes we should just stick around and get a true read on a situation. We may find that under all of that hurt, blatant disrespect and rudeness, is a person that just wants to be seen as a human being with a few challenges.  Just something to think about. Ciao


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