Avoiding The Blow Out

   I can only say that this will be a topic that will always be spoke about. Those moments when someone pushes you to that place that really could go south. In that particular moment, you are taking deep breaths at twice the normal rate and there usually is no one close by that can help you if things get rough. Conveniently, I have made a pledge to not be negative or to complain about anything for the next 7 days straight. I am not a complainer normally anyway, however, the universe tested me within five minutes of me waking today.

   This difficulty had to do with business. The person emailed me and told me that he was not going to do something that he promised that he would do. This had a financial thread connected to it as well. He was nonchalant about his choice of words and I was not amused to say the very least. However, I caught myself about to go in and then I puled it back. As I have learned in the past, you catch more bees with honey and I was about to pour some. I was careful to make my point without rocking the boat all of the way.

    So here is the thing. How do you successfully avoid the blow out? Do you have to sacrifice your dignity or even worse your sanity? How far will you let someone push you until you cannot take it anymore? I don't have the answers to either one of those questions. I only know that it is different for each person no matter what. I tend to give most people the longest rope before they eventually hang themselves based on me not putting my foot down earlier.

    I skated an issue yesterday as well. I was expecting a plumber to come by after he told me that he would come at 11 am. He did not show up and he did not call to tell me that either. I did not lose it, but it was disappointing. When you have integrity, you sometimes assume that others will have as much as you do too. This is not a good way to process life. Take each person on a case by case basis. I was a bit rattled by these two situations, however, I had to go in another direction for my own protection. I am still processing both of the situations.

    In closing, the first person that I wrote about thanked me for my kind words even though he and I are on rocky terms right now and a live call is necessary before moving forward. My first way of dealing with him would not have turned out that way. For the second situation I just became silent and I am going to let a few days go by and see if it rectifies itself. I am not perfect, I am a hard worker though and I carry loads of things that I am working on getting through each and every day. This posting is not in any way full of the right answers for everyone. This is my journey and my only purpose right now is to give at least one person another perspective in any way that I can. Avoid the blow out. It's not worth it.



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