You Were Referred To Me

  I am referred to people from time to time. In this life I believe that someone is always watching you, but you will never know who until they call upon you directly or through another person. If you do something even a little bit better than the next man or woman, you will at some point be referred to another person who can use your skills in a big way.

   I received a call, and on the other end of the line was a woman who was definitely smiling through the phone. She told me that one of her favorite people referred me and that she would love to have me sing on a song that she had written. To be clear, I have the utmost respect for the person who referred me as well. It humbles me when a person that I hold so high in my heart returns the gesture. She has now done this about 5 different times since I met her. Each time that she does it, I meet an incredible person who is vibrant, talented, and professional. Association is a real thing for sure.

   When someone calls you to do something that you love, something inside of you moves. You have to think about your abilities vs. what they want you to do and see how balanced those two figures are. Then you have to tell them how much you charge for your services. Lastly, you have to see if you are available. You know, I can honestly say to this day that I get a little excited inside when I think about the concept of people calling you to do what you love and paying you for it! That is triple magic with a cherry on top.

    The other thing that has always been an interesting challenge is that the people are not paying you to like or critique what they created. They are just paying you to deliver it the way that they wrote or created it.  This in itself can be a very challenging road. All in all though, I have been down this road and it has been a truly humbling one. You are told to take a preexisting melody that is protected by some chords and outer perimeter sprinkles and make it your own in any way that you can. There are also other times when you are left to create that melody strictly based on the chords. So it can be very interesting and even arduous at times until you get it right.

     So you are referred to do something. They called you specifically to take that thing to the next level. How do you handle it? Does it make you raise your level and put your head down and focus? Does it take your personal accountability to another level? Maybe it actually scares you because the stakes are too high? Whatever it does for you, embrace it and make it fun and interesting. There are lots of people who do many things well in this life. So if you are called upon someone to breathe magic into something that needs a breath of fresh air, knock it out of the park. They could have called anyone, but they called you. Mediocre rents space everywhere. Average is truly never that far behind at all. However, to be called on or requested is its own luxury. It means that what you did made a difference and that the person who has called upon you believes that you can do it again at will. This kind of certainty is ground breaking. I am blessed, I am thankful, I am humbled, I am going to sleep now. I have a new song to learn today. Be open to all that is coming your way.





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