Year End, Year New

    If you are like me, the years pass with a bit more reflection than they did in past times. This passed year was another exciting one for me. I have learned even more about myself and I have learned even more about some of the people that I care most about. Unfortunately, I have had to relearn that there should never be a time when you are running after someone to confirm that they love you or care about you. Those who are in your life the right way, will always be no matter what. They will never duck away and make you question your place with them. They express their connection with you many times without words, but with action.

   This past year was also a year of strength reconditioning. Certain things reared their head that made me want to built my own vessel and be the captain of my own ship as it relates to all of the things that I do for my livelihood. I love to call it that, because you can never say that word without reading the word "live". So whether you are happy to live or you feel alive, it will always keep you on point.

   I learned this past year that I have seen, heard, listened to, and watched first hand how much the word "cancer" has infiltrated our world in just the last 5 years alone. I know a few people that have had to deal with it and it humbles me to no end. This precious life is also a magical one. So no matter what the circumstance is, our forward motion has the ability and worth to create a hail storm of magic whenever we decide that this is so.

    As I looked over my goals, I did not accomplish each and every one of them . This is not the sentence that I would have chosen to write, I just know that it's the truth. When I asked myself what happened, The answer that springs up and present in my mind is, I allowed many other things to distract me. That is it. Also, I did not keep the list in front of me for the entire year each and every day in one form or another. I know very well that this is a component of success that is often overlooked or improperly executed.

   I will create a new list in the next day or so. Obviously, I will recycle my last list and cut through the nonsense a bit better this time. Out do I know that I can do this? I just do and I am clear about the frustration that I will feel if I do not. That is pain enough.

   This funny thing called time, that we all seem to pay so much attention to is such an illusion. We measure years, days, minutes, and even seconds, when we should all be measuring experiences and ways in which to love, nurture, and most of all grow taller and wider than our present state of being. I cringe a little bit when I see a person that is wildly powerful and larger than life, claim to have such low standards or expectations of themselves. But then again, if I see it that way, I am living through my own perspective and expectation then aren't I? I have to admit that for sure.

   In the coming year, I will dare to step further into the unknown and push harder rather than thinking to much and remaining safe. I generally am not a safe thinker, however, we creative types can find so many synonyms for that word and put them into play at a moments notice. I will write some more handwritten letters, travel to a foreign country that I have not been yet, purchase a unicycle (and learn how to ride it), as well as write more original songs than I have ever before in one year. I have many more goals, however, I will save them for when my hand meets the paper. I have to hand write them. I feel that they will be most meaningful that way.

   To say that I appreciate you reading these words is a gross understatement. I appreciate it and I am very proud to have written about 600 posts to date. Believe it or not, this blog has helped me to grow my soul in strange ways. I let my fingers go and they type out my truth. That is invaluable to me and I would not trade it for the world. I have plans that will change the entire look of this blog on the way. I hope that you will reach out and let me know how it has reached you. Thank you so very much for being here. May the new year expose your true strengths and diminish your fears to an almost unrecognizable level. I am sending a warm burst of love and compassion to all of those in my life who have chosen to silence their presence for any reason. Starting anew is free as well as freeing. I am open to the possibilities.



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