Who Do You Know?

  Because of someone that I know, I was introduced to 4 people today. She referred me to one and that woman introduced me to 3 new people. We all gathered in one place to make music together, and it was so good. I was grateful the entire time. I love to be in music studios and to just be open to the possibilities. Each time is different yet even more humbling.

   I was sent the song a few days ago in a rough form. As I listened to it, I was a bit confused as to how the melody was being sung. The awesome woman that recorded the mp3 let m know right up front that she was not a singer. I ran through it for a couple of days until I was more comfortable with the song. Afterwards, it was time to show up live and execute it. I was a bit on edge in the best way possible. I planned to do really great and not take up too much of their time. I also learned a long time ago that studio time always takes more time than you think it will. I was ready to do what I needed to do no matter what.

    I arrived early to the session as I do 95% of the time. The leeway keeps my nerves calm and my soul focused. The studio was cold and very difficult to warm up in. However, the sound man/producer was very accommodating and quite knowledgeable as well. I felt that I was in the right place at the right time. I had the luxury of speaking with the woman that I was referred to for about 20 minutes before the session started. We hit it off. I felt her spirit and she was excited to work with me and I was stoked to worked with her as well. They were all great people.

    The session went well. All of the women, including the male producer were all so very gracious. I didn't feel as though I had given my most comfortable and dynamic performance, yet they all made me feel right at home. The studio thrills me to know end. Its a place that gives you immediate feedback and allows you to create on the spot. In actuality, there are no mistakes, just possibilities that people may or may not like. Imagine if every day starting tomorrow, all of your inner thoughts were broadcasted over a speaker system for the the nearest 100 people to hear. Would you speak differently and think way before you spoke? I say that to say that I feel myself making very careful choices in the studio. To feel your way through a melody that is not really done yet is challenging.

     I thought about this evening all the way home. A wonderful and wildly talented spirit told someone that she loved about me. That person then called me and asked me if I would like to be paid to do what I loved. We met, hit it off, and created a small piece if work that could quite frankly go anywhere. I do not know what put me in that room tonight outside of my dear friend who believes in me. What I do know is this, people are always watching you no matter who you are. This is not something to be paranoid about at all. It's something that should push you to be your best and not fall prey to the statement that it doesn't really matter. It matters, it matters no matter what.Who you know, turns onto what people know you do, which turns into more people locking arms and doing the hard things together, as well as lifting others up higher to their dreams.

     If someone puts their stamp of approval on you, then they are saying that you made a difference for them as well. That is humbling beyond measure. That is magic. That is something that makes me so proud to be around not matter what. So who do you know and how can you help them without them knowing anything at all? How can you be cause in the matter for them? How can you just bless someone today whether they know it was you or not? The ways are endless...Peace



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