When They Tell You To Boycott / Mistakes Deserve Forgiving

  What do you do when someone else tells you not to support something that has supported you? If a great friend gets hurt or mistreated, are you involved in their struggle? This has been a question of mine as I watch certain situations around me. To each their own and respect to any choice that a singular person makes for their life. Just make sure that you don't knock out the steps on the ladder before you have to come back down on them.

   I saw a story today that made me think deeply about judgement, and personal opinion. It's not necessary for me to be specific with the names, because it is getting plenty press right now. We live in a time that anyone can just make a video and go online to express their feelings. This is beyond dangerous on so many levels, based on the fact that there are no boundaries. On the other hand, people get exposed and conversations are started that usually need to happen anyway.

   So as the story goes, a certain person in the industry spoke out against some of her peers. She came at him and her like a freight train. I was so amazed by her claims that it floored me. Long story short, she ridiculed him and his wife for boycotting an award show. I felt that she had some residue issues within that were not yet settled, so she chose to lash out in that fashion. She exposed herself in a not so positive fashion. However, I respect her for stepping out into the spotlight if she was truly passionate about her cause. Lesson learned, sometimes you should keep certain gripes to yourself. People who see things a different way don't necessarily need to be ridiculed. I hope that she is ready to water the seeds that she planted.

    Another story in the news truly affected me. The human spirit is at its best when it takes into consideration what the other side may be feeling on a specific topic. Our journey and our perspective is not the only one, nor is it the right one most times. This situation with Steve Harvey messing up the names for the Miss Universe pageant has come full circle. Miss Columbia came on his show and she told him that she had forgiven him that same evening. She also joked that he needed to learn how to read cards. He was blown away by her resolve.

    As I write about this story, what moved me from the other side of the screen was how grateful Steve was for her grace and openness. At one point he was about to shed a tear,  and she told him not to cry. "Ari" was her name for short. She had emphasized that she was more worried about how her parents were going to react to the mix up? Ari was selfless in her thinking process and was not bitter at all. He even asked her how it felt to not wear the crown and she replied that she had worn it even though it was only for a short time. This was truly a magnificently magic interview. I urge you to look it up and take in all of the lessons and insights that showed up one after another.

    When we forgive, we breathe better. If we need to understand the other side before we ridicule them or bash them, then we should contact them and take a shot at it. We are not perfect. We are not without setbacks. We are just open channels that are prone to occasional mistakes. This interview made my day. Miss Columbia set a fine example that will most likely reward her for many years to come. It was a good day having seen this. Much forward motion to you all.



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