Things Can Turn On A Dime

  We all can agree that each day brings us new and interesting challenges. I actually prefer it that way, truth be told. I can tell you for sure though, that I am getting so much better at not reacting right away when something blind sides you that can bring the whole mental house down. None of us can expect to know what is in store on any level.

   I heard a saying some time ago that states its the person that is in the wrong that usually does the most talking. When I heard this, I watched how it looked on other people as I studied two people in conflict and it seemed to be right on the money. I mean if you have done nothing wrong, how much do you have to talk to prove your point to get it across to the other person in the conversation? It goes without saying that many people can maintain a life of misery based on bad choices or things that did not work out in their favor. So going forward, they stay on that course and just rustle up all kinds of madness for others.

    Today sent me two challenges that I had to deal with separately and in different ways. They were both situations that could have been avoided by the instigators, however, they felt it necessary to spread their wings and ascend to their new height of mediocrity. Now let me make it clear that I have to take responsibility for anything that I did to feed either of these situations. However, in this particular duo of low level fantastic situations, I had to keep calm and just move forward with calm intention. I apologize for writing in such consistent code form, I just feel that it's best this way.

    So the major theme here is how do we react when we are being attacked? Some would say just mirror the force and show them who's boss. Others may say that it's best to stay quiet and allow the opponent to shoot all of their bullets out while you just observe. Lastly, some may think that they can reason with this ego powered mass of confusion and possibly get somewhere with them. What would you do and how would you diffuse that situation?

    If you ask me, and I realize that you didn't, I go with the middle solution of staying quiet most times. Yes my ego has risen up on a few occasions, but it almost never makes the situation better. I tend to want to stop, breathe, and just dissect it a little bit before moving forward. This can take some time though, time that you may not be afforded by your ever so polite opposed one. But then again, we have the control, we always have it until we relinquish it. That's when the trouble starts.

    So things can turn on a dime. People act out and become irrational on all levels. We don't need to pull out our pocket lighter fluid to help them out do we? Not if they are already lit, what's the point. I will say this though, it is true that if you don't stand for something, you surely will fall for anything. Do you want to fall for anything? I surely do not want to on any day of the week.

    In closing, I will be just fine as I navigate my next move. I am in a good head space and I will not be rattled at all. I have to step up and be real and accountable for all that I initiate. I will tell you this though, that one special person who feels your tough moment as it pushes its way to the front of your lips, who lets you know that its all going to work out, that is the person that changes the game. Peace.



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