The Value Of A Friends Time

 When was the last time you had a really nice lunch, dinner, or what have you with a friend that made the time go by so fast that you did not even feel it? It's amazing because we are living in a time when it seems like everything else is more important than just meeting up and being face to face. Most tables at restaurants have a minimum of two people at the table actually looking at their phones while they are at dinner. Therefore, they are talking with their heads down and having a full blown conversation. I see it many times daily. So then the question becomes, how interested are we in truly connecting anymore?

  Lately, I have been paying more attention to the closest people around me and checking myself to see if I am making time for them, either on the phone at home or in person. I actually want to see them in person more than talk to them on the phone. Truth be told, I would even take Face Time with some of them. I am craving more one on one with the people that I really love. I asked a good friend to get together about a week ago and as they told me about a day that was good, they followed it with 5 things that usually keep them busy too. So they did not say that we can get together at all. They said that they would see. On the other hand, I did meet with another friend a few days ago and they were very attentive and present and only got on the phone when I got up to use the bathroom. I noticed it out of the corner of my eye.

   We are smack dab in the middle of a very volatile time in this country. I will even go as far to say that one of the reasons that we are experiencing so much hate and killing is because so many of these people do not feel that anyone cares for them or even took the time to actually concentrate on them for way too long. A friend actually asked me a little bit ago why I did not answer my phone when I was with them during dinner. I told them that I wanted to be completely here right now and told them to keep speaking. I could tell that they felt more important in that moment. It can be done.

    In closing, I have some great friends and I value them. My friends call when they are happy and when they are sad. They call when they are broke and when they have extra money. They reach out when they have something to say and also when they just want to check up on me. Contact is important, it is a serious must in this life. Believe it or not, I have friends who tell me that they have not called because they feel as though they would just be negative and they know that I don't like that. When I hear this, I always tell them to reach out anyway. It helps us both and it will always be worth it in the end. Think about how many things in this life that run perfectly well on their own with no help at all? The only thing that comes right to mind is nature.

     So get some friend time under your belt. Reach out and let them know that you are in awe of them or that you could not have done that certain thing without them. Let them know that the pain they are harboring can and will be over very. This is the true value of time that is spent well with a friend..



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