Thank You Len Xiang

   Today on the train, I met a calm and talented soul. I gave him a five dollar bill because he walked into the train and within 5 minutes, he changed the energy. I was reading a book moments before he entered and the woman that was sitting next to me was just staring forward in a daze. When you are on the train on NYC, it seems that the average person just tries not to look into the eyes of anyone else. However, every now and then, something happens that changes that.

    When Len started playing I could not see him at all. The train was full enough that I could not tell where the music was coming from. I immediately moved my head back and forth so that I could see where he was. I heard his voice and I felt his spirit. The woman next to me was doing the same thing with her head and finally we both spotted him. Here in NYC, you can tell when a person likes a subway performer by how long it takes them to reach for some money. In this instance, it was right away.

    The song that he played on guitar and his voice had ended and he made his way through the train to collect his money. He had just released his original song into the train of complete strangers. I could see that he was getting a few dollars here and there from the other side of the train. He was now making his way towards me and the woman that was sitting next tot me. I did not know her, nor did we speak at all.

     As I reached into my pocket to take out a 5 dollar bill, others that were near me did the same. One woman even asked how she could hear more from him and he gave her his card. I asked for one as well, and the smile on his face for being so well received was wildly evident. Normally, I would have given a dollar, but this time was different. This guy had a certain vibe about him, so I rewarded him on the spot. He was a kind soul and people really loved the one song that he did.

     So here I am writing about him and I hope that more people find out about him and he gets more exposure. It only takes a few people to push  great artist from being unknown to familiar. The power of music is immeasurable. That 5 minutes made a difference in the trip for sure and he was about 20 dollars richer because of it. He also sang a little bit of the popular song,"Hotline Bling", by just tapping on the side of his guitar, which woke a few more people up as well. This was a great moment on the train and I just wanted to show my appreciation for this up and coming artist. Please support him. You can find him HERE

     Thank you all for being here. It means so much to me. I know who you are and I would not have it any other way. I support you and all of your future endeavors....




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