So You Think You Can Win? / Goodbye David

  Today was a day that was flooded by two topics, the death of David Bowie, and the new amount of money that could be won by winning the lottery. I am fascinated by how some topics literally shoot through the world with such speed and accuracy. It just goes to show you that we are all connected whether we like it or not.

   So this thing about the lottery. I have heard people speaking about it on the street, in the stores, and even on the subway just today alone. All of the usual questions of course. What would you do if you won? Who would you give money to? How much of it would you save? How would you invest it? I collectively heard those all today. I could not get away from this conversation. I think about it from a very linear perspective. I believe that if you are happy and open to the world now, you will be more of that when you win the money. On the other hand, if you are cruel, nasty, vindictive, and angry at the world, you will more of that when you are filthy rich. This theory is not a proven one, just one that I personally sign off on without hesitation.

   The money conversation is always an interesting one. I read an article about what you should do with the money if you win it earlier. The article was written by Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a true renegade in general. He stressed a few things that I thought were very thought provoking. Firstly he advised hiring a tax attorney. Also not to take the lump sum, for fear of blowing it all in one spot. Next, not to be fooled by thinking that it will make you happier. he said if you weren't happy yesterday, you wont be tomorrow either. Then he said tell all of your friends and relatives no. You already know who needs help, so help them. No one needs a million or even 100 thousand for that matter. Lastly he said that you should not invest. He was adamant about the fact that you can live comfortably forever on that money. He ended by saying that you will sleep a lot better
knowing that you wont lose money. I like that guy, he makes you think.

    My simple list of what I would do is not hard to come up with at all. Family first.I would then help quite a few people that I already have in my head. Create a few scholarships, trust funds, and future nest eggs for my children that I will eventually have, and also created an artist mecca that can be lived in by all income levels. For myself, a new car or two, some instruments, a new home, and a vacation around the world for about 3 months. I would also create a program that would send 50 people a year to the place of their choice in the world to do anything that they wanted all expenses paid. Thy would have to work pretty hard for it though, in a very interesting way. The money would all go to good use and would change many peoples lives.

    I found out that David Bowie passed at about 2 in the morning last night. I had a rough sleep and could not close down completely. My first thought was wow, what a trailblazer. I actually have a connection to him, which is so bizarre. I went to music school with a woman who I had a colossal crush on who performed with him for quite a while. I sent her some blessings today through social media. His style was something that I always admired because it had no beginning or end in my opinion. He stretched the boundaries of gender and sexuality to the limit, while being a true gentleman and very eclectic artist, all at the same time. I listened to some of his music today just to pay homage to him and to soak in his artistry a little bit. Interestingly enough, I have yet another connection to him as well. One of my good friends used to teach his daughter at a school here in NYC. We were just talking about him and his kids not too long ago and then I hear that he passed. Life is that sudden and that precious. Lastly, when I start my show with my band, I use his song, "Let Dance", and it pushes the party into high gear instantly. We will all miss you David. Thank you for leaving us over 25 albums that we can listen to forever. You made a difference. I forgot one interesting thing. Did you know that Bowie made financial history before he passed away? He was a very smart man. Check this article out....   Bowie




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