So Do You Really Want It?

  The question is asked so many times in this life. You and I are working towards something that we would do anything to accomplish. Then out of nowhere, the question comes, do you really want it? If you could have that position, that amount of money, that new car, would you know how to handle it?

   I have a friend that works for a small company. She is smart, charming, engaging, and very sensitive overall. She loves to serve and to be in this very popular people business. We spoke and she told me that she feels under appreciated in her job. She has been there for about 7 years. To be precise, she is the only original member on the entire team. The hiring and firing has been constant for the entire length of the time that this place has been open. What was also interesting, was that she was given a very small raise not so long ago. The interesting part is that now that the minimum wage has been raised, her hourly rate is the same as the others.

    Now in the world of employees and corporate work forces,  pay and the difference between who gets what is usually very hush hush. It causes animosity between people and favoritism and so forth. So if one person is doing an obvious amount more overall and is not being paid for it, they are probably allowing it. Let me explain. My good friend is truly a wonderful person and a great soul at the same time. However, she is not the type to demand what she deserves. This situation is very clear and a bit painful at the same time. When we stay in the same place and allow an employer to pile more and more work on top of us without extra pay, we become part of the problem.

    As we spoke about this dilemma, she stopped and said that she wasn't even sure if she wanted to be promoted or given a raise. The fact of the matter is that if she is given more money and/or a promotion, she will be expected to raise up to another level as well. Calls at any time of the day, many situations that would require her presence during regular hours at a moments notice, and possibly even learning some new skills that she does not know as if yet. She was caught in between a rock and a hard place.

    So the question is, how soon is too soon or too late to claim your worth when you are working for anyone? I came to the conclusion speaking with her that she really did not want this raise or promotion, she just wanted to feel appreciated. That is very normal, very human, to say the very least. It's amazing that in almost every situation, it most often comes back to love and respect in the end. Thousands, millions, or billions of dollars do not have the power to make you feel authentically respected. As a matter of a fact, lots of money tends to make people act a certain way towards you simply because of the money. This is sad, but true from my experience. I have performed for very wealthy people for a very long time. In all this time, I have never performed differently because of a clients worth in dollars. Actually, I usually meet my clients the night that I am performing for them. Therefore, it does not matter to me either way.

    In closing, my good friend will probably get another job soon because she has already established that she will work for the price that her employer pays her no matter what happens. That can be a crushing mentality for the employee and a very advantageous one for an employer. As one of my favorite comedians Chris Rock said, "Paying someone minimum wage is like saying, I would love to pay you less, but it's against the law." That is cold blooded, but not too far from reality in this life.

     In my humble opinion, we should go after the thing that haunts us day and night without our effort. Matching up to a person's view of our worth is soul suicide. I believe that she will find her calling in due time. If it is in the service business, then I know that she will be a major superstar. If it's not, then I hope that it will be in a business that thrills her daily. The bottom line is this. No matter where you work, when you are appreciated in an obvious way, you work better. The time goes by differently, and you even look for ways to further help your employers business. The 80/20 rule comes into play here in the back of my mind. It means that 20% of any employees in any business produce 80% of its profits. It's a shame that its the 80% that are continually drifting and trying to find their comfort zone. If you don't really want it, step. Every level of pay requires more responsibility and stress on some level.


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