People Creating Magic / The Sweet Spot

  Tonight I watched 60 minutes and it really moved me. This show always pushes my soul when I watch it. Tonight's show highlighted people who are making a difference around the world. They featured The Make A Wish Foundation, A singing group from Harlem, as well has a story about a select few billionaires who agreed to give away half of their fortunes to change people's lives for the better through education, food, housing, and many other avenues. The perspectives that they had were compelling and it was so nice to see people who have more than enough on all levels give back. Side note, this project was started by Bill Gates and his wife. Not a surprise, I know.

   The entire show, people were giving of themselves and just elated with the smiles and happiness that were on the other side of it. I watched it and was once again reminded of how almost nothing that I am currently dealing with can come close to matching up with the day to day struggles of most people in this life. One lady in particular sticks out in my head. She made about $400.00 a month and was battling 3 different issues. A big Winnebago that travels all around the U.S. helping people who cannot afford health care wound up helping her for free. Unfortunately, it was too late. Somehow, this story touched me deeply. It made me a little clearer about how important it is to lift others up. yes, it may be my daily plight right now already, but that reminder get into you nonetheless.  

    The sweet spot can be referred to in tennis when you hit the ball on just the right spot on your racket and the ball pops back to your opponent with almost no effort. I have been hearing those words since I was a little boy. For tonight's purpose though, I am referring to relationships. I was speaking with my good friend tonight about how couples reach that spot when things are more consistently challenging than they are light and free. He was explaining to me how whether it's marriage or a dating situation, things are going to change. I am not married and he is, so I listened again to glean some insights.

     I could feel the tension in his voice as he dispensed his point of view on the feminine species. Although I was not in agreement with many of his statements, he was merely describing what he had been through, so I heard him out. In short, he was at an impasse with his Mrs. and I could feel his pain. The discomfort was palpable and I could do nothing to soothe him. I asked him what needed to be done to return to that sweet spot place. He told me that he would have to up his game or she would have to up hers. He didn't believe that she could change hers though from the sound of his voice. If there is one thing that I know for sure, it's that we cannot expect anyone to change or alter their behavior if we don't believe in them first. What we think is possible or impossible for our self or others, tends to work out exactly as we see it. These are harshly real words that I have experienced.

     So there it is. Do for others and prolong the sweet spot for as long as you can. Making a difference for others can be done with no money and very little time. It can be done if you are black, white, yellow, or purple. It can have a lasting affect on most people, and it can be done over and over and over again. Interestingly enough, maintaining the sweet spot in your relationship can be done exactly the same way. I guess its like a fine recipe. If it has all of the ingredients and is cooked for just enough time, it will make a lasting impression. However, if you treat it like a microwave dinner, too must heat can burn it and too little can make it taste disgusting. Then when you keep making the same disgusting meal over and over, one day you are just not hungry for any more food. All couples fight, but how many of them are fighting to make it right? I am studying hard for when the day comes that I can out all of this to the test. Oh and before I forget, I have to mention that my parents have been married for almost 40 years! They just hit 39 the other day. Strong, passionate, intelligent, resourceful, and engaging people. What a course they have been giving me for several years. I am so very grateful for them. Thank you for being here. Be well and move with love and purpose.



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