Mother Nature Gets Our Attention

  I am a huge fan of the things in life that make us move. Those things that people take seriously. You know what I am talking about. Strict teachers, fire truck sirens, people who will do whatever they need to do no matter what, urgent letters, and so forth. I love to watch people and things in general with a sense of purpose. As you watch them, you get a sense of what is important to you as well. How many times have you seen someone going after something with such vigor that it inspires you to do the same? If you have ever experienced this, you will never forget it. Think 911 in NYC. If you were not here that day, you saw it on TV. It was not a joke to watch people running for their lives or just trying to help others. That is purpose. That is razor sharp commitment.

    That appetizer paragraph was written because I wanted to make a comparison to what happens when people are told that a huge storm is coming. I believe that even when it comes to mother nature, our vibration and thoughts can be a strong catalyst as to whether something happens or not. There have been stories of groups of people that have prayed for rain to come all together as well as other stories where people prayed for it to stop. We can change many things that seem much larger than us on many levels. Then some would ask, was it our collective fright that made 911 happen? We will never know.

   So if this storm hits the east coast as they say that it might, will anyone be truly prepared for it? People are stocking up on all sorts of things and people are cancelling plans to do certain things here and there and so on and so forth. Technically, there is nothing wrong with any of that. The thing is this, there are many times when we all watch people have an 8th of concern about things that they can control, and almost stand at complete attention about things that they have no control over at all. I think now you can understand what I am getting at.

    In closing, the storm may come. The white fluffy stuff may fall all over the easy coast and it will slow everything down and force us all to move very slowly and deliberately. People will not be able to get to certain destinations, so they may just stay right at home and enjoy the company of their loved ones. It's in these times that we get the opportunity to sit back and just relax a little bit more and save a few dollars and just be present. I love snow by the way. You cannot hear it coming and even when it hits the ground, you still can't hear it. As I remember, it doesn't taste like anything either, unless of course........,well you know what I was about to write. It also strips the color and diversity from everything. It's all white and I think that overall it raises our vibrations, while calming us all at the same time. When mother nature arrives, she gets all of our attention. I love those moments and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Stay warm and if your plans get cancelled, be sure to do something that makes you happy anyway. We shall see!!!!




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