Mind Set Vs. A Set Mind

  I love to listen to how people see things in this life. It has always given me perspective, and over time it has given me depth to not jump to conclusions when I don't need to. Well, I guess it's never good to jump to conclusions. Anyhow, We all have our own mindset in this life and this is what navigates us to make certain decisions each and every day. It's an attitude, a perspective, a common way that we deal with pretty much everything.

   We all have that one friend that sees the world in an obtuse way. They think that it's all going to crumble down on them and there is nothing that they or any other person for that matter can do about it. Life is tough. People are selfish. The government is out to get us, and so on and so on. They have the right to feel that way because they are free to see it however they like right? It's America and we have the freedom to do so.

    There are also the mindsets that take it all in stride and are really difficult to sway or push down the negative trail. Many of them are called dreamers and not realists and so forth. To think that it's all going to work out in today's society is not as popular of a viewpoint. They too have the right to their own opinions. There are more mindsets than I could possibly write about in this one posting. They span all areas from, religious, to race, geography and so on. A healthy mindset will pull you through the toughest of storms in this life. We are all being challenged by something and no matter what mindset we choose, it will be a factor in whether we sink or swim. I have never met a person without a mindset, ever.

    Now as it relates to a set mind. This can be dangerous. I have seen this way too much in my life and it perplexes me. Things like, all black people are angry and all Jewish people are cheap? How about white people getting all the breaks and black people always want something for free? What about when people say that there are no good jobs to be had anymore or that the president has messed up America? These set minds are always going to be met with opposition if they maintain their stances. Very few things in this life are black and white all of the time. Well, except for black and white crayons, markers, pencils and paint. Pardon me, I digress.

    When our minds are set, we leave no room for any improvement or change at all. We give ourselves a pass to be stifled and stuck in one place. I have to catch myself when I feel that a particular thing is just one way no matter what. This usually happens when we do not understand something or we are rebelling against it. I have seen it from the outside looking in and its not a good fit on our souls. I am sure that you feel exactly what I am saying.

     So be careful of your mind set. See to it that it actually fits you and where you would like to be going. What would be the point of setting your mind to a destination that you would want to get away from anyway? Also, be careful of knowing it all, understanding it all, feeling it all, and of course, been there and done it all. None of those could possibly be true on your best day. We are all on a path that is filled with uncertainty, unknowing, misses, hits, downs, ups, and of course the ever present blind side happenings. The setting of our mind. It's like the shuttle on its way to another planet. Somehow after being off track over 75% of the time it always makes it there right on the mark. See it, set it, but do not forget it. Peace




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