Firstly, I did not come up with this word. I saw it on the side of a bag of apple crisps. I was so happy to see it that I had to write a blog about it. The definition is just living life to the fullest. So this company called "Good Health" has this on the back of their packaging, and they emphasize just being good. They also talk about how you can sit back and enjoy these crisps and have a great lifeitude while doing it. That got my attention. Not only have I not heard that combination of words together, but I believe that it's a perfect one to add to our vocabulary. It kind of encompasses everything doesn't it?

   I have to reflect on this past New Years Eve. It was a joyful night. There were about 250 people in front of me and I was there to perform for them along with about 11 others on a big stage. the drinks were being consumed in adult fashion, the music was loud, and the mood was high. I was present, yet I drifted off here and there because I was excited about what the new year would manifest. Actually, I know what I will be manifesting. I have no choice than to speak with such conviction. I choose not to use the word "resolution" this year. Problems get resolved, arguments get resolved, I just plan to rip the bottom out of the vehicle. I think you must feel what I am saying. As I have said in the past, we can change on any day of the year, so why not just do it. Because I am hard on myself, I have been pushing all year in many ways. This New Year's was just another level of focusing for me.

    The truth of it all is that I probably write about attitude more than any other topic. I am a slave to it in the best way possible. I see examples of good attitudes all of the time, however, that is also what I am looking for. Now, I do see very bad ones too, however, that is not what I choose to wear on my face or body. Its actually fascinating that your body can exhibit a bad attitude too! Think about that for a minute.

     So what is your attitude about life? Is it all going to hell in a hand basket (who made that up and what does that mean!!!!!!). Are you destined for greatness? Have you missed the boat? Is there nothing more that you can do? Are you so happy that you cannot be disturbed by anything negative. Just a question. I am sure that you had your answer after that first sentence. So your lifeitude is going to have its way with you and that is for certain. If you don't care, that is a choice too. I can say for sure that I am constantly checking myself. I am still a huge work in progress, but I really do track it.

     As I close, I want you to ask yourself a question. If your lifeitude were projected into the sky by a giant spectacular light show, what would it look like? Would you invite others to come and see it or would you beg them to come back when it was adjusted a little bit? Just something to ponder. Hello 2016, let the games begin. The big games, the fantasy games, the colossal games that make us extra tired and happy all at once. Let's play more this year. Let's love more this year. Let's not be bothered at all by the time, but more with how we are filling it. Peace



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